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 Anyone use Proactiv for rosacea?
Does it work good for you?


 how many people got spots after coming off the pill?
i was on yasmin for a year, i used to have a few spots before and whilst being on yasmin my skin has been really clear, but ive had to come off it due to it messing up my emotions.
i am now ...

 my joints are black colored....i mean the pigmentation is dark?
its same with the phalanges joint(near my finger),elbow,knee,toes.........what should i do????elbows and knees are rough and have something like pimple.....wht is d reason and remedy?...

 messed up skin on ankle?
i love to play video games. when i do i sit with my legs crossed like u know in kindergarden and i would be sitting on the carpet in my room and after a while the skin got all like pressed in and i ...

 My face has been hurting since I shaved. Today I woke up with white dots on my face. They hurt! Help?
So I shaved on Saturday (nothing unusual there) except on Saturday night my face started hurting a little bit when I touched it. This was definitely the case yesterday, and today when I woke up and ...

 Do you hate it when people ask about your acne?
I am male and 16 and people ask questions about my acne and it is so annoying I also have tryed the acne stuff and they are like asking me things like oh have you tried this or this? I think that it ...

 What are these things on my arm?
This morning i woke up and had this red dots all over my right arm. They are 8-9 of them and they itch. They dont have a top on them. One of them feels like a big bump is inside it.
Additional ...

 Why do I get this stuff under my nails when I scratch my head?
When I scratch my head I get this white creamy gunk under my nails from my scalp but I only get this like 2-4 days after I wash my hair, I use shampoo and recently started using conditioner. I'...

 Does oust, or lysol kill lice?
i dont have lice, but I have a fear of it

if i was paranoid that there could be lice on a mattress, could i spray it with lysol, or oust, would that kill lice?...

 Best Face Product...........................?
So, I've always had the best completion. However, during times of midterms and working(in college), my face seems to break out near my chin...Heeelp!! Cleansing my face is a must, and laying in ...

 Can anyone recover from bad acne?
OK so when I was 14-mid 16, I had horrible acne, and worse yet, at the time I didn't take care of myself...so now I'm 17, almost 18 soon, and I'm left with acne scars, and those things ...

 lifewave patches what are they and do they work?

 Whiteheads and blackheads/How to remove them with home remedies?
i have loads of blackheads on my nose.How can i remove these with things around the house.Also how can i get rid of whiteheads and how should you pop them??...

 I have 4 days taking Zinc for my acne, by when should i start expecting to see results?
I have 4 days taking Zinc for my acne, by when should i start expecting to see results?...

 how can i get rid of blackheads on my nose and the large pores caused by them?
i have blackheads all over my nose, and it is just so hard to get rid of them. because of it, my pores are huge and unsightly around my nose area. please help!...

 i love to pop my blackheads how do i stop this habbit?
i love to pop blackheads..it has gotten to the point that when i look at other people i just starre at there nose..and wish that i could get my hands on there nose.it has been a distracting .what ...

 Why are people afraid of small, uneven clusters of holes?
I have it, I have it bad, my friend sent me a picture of a lotus seed pod to freak me out and said that all people have some form of this fear because of something to do with parasites? But I can'...

 Scab picking...by 7 year old daughter?
My 7 year old daughter is a scab picker. I first noticed it about a year ago. She would come home with bug bites on her legs and arms and she would scratch and pick at them until they bled. I ...

 i sweat a lot on my back?
don't tell me use a deodorant. i sweat easily like when i go outside and run for like a min i sweat....

 What got rid of your spots the best?!?

Joe R
White puss when I squeeze my nose?
Everytime I squeeze my nose, white puss comes out of it. It looks like the puss that comes out when you squeeze pimples, but there are no pimples on my nose. i have pimples on other parts of my face though. is this white puss just regular acne stuff, or is it something else?

dat 1 and only

Dennis Jones
I have the same problem not shure its not puss its like white stringy stuff!

You probably have blackheads on your nose.

Sebenetious oil (sebum) produced by the body to help it cleanse itself. It should'nt "come out" as you say when you squeeze your nose.
I have no idea what is it that's coming out of your nose but, it would be interesting to find out.

Everybody gets that don't worry, its not acne its a substance called sebum- its naturally produced by the skin to prevent dirt from getting into the pores.

That used to be a big problem for me- but now i use a face mask every now and then. If you can maybe you could try getting a face exfoliating cleanser called epi peel or a gentle but productive scrub with oil control.

Hope that cleared up the question.

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