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Can lotion irritate eczema?
I've read that moisturizers are good for skin inflicted with eczema because the skin is naturally dry. However, whenever I use lotions (scent free), it seems my itching actually worsens than when I don't use any.

because what people don't know is lotion has alcohol making it worse! it's a big product scam because you get the moisturizing feeling at first but then the alcohol soaks in making your skin feel dry then you need more lotion! i have eczema and i find anti-itch creams work best for me. they actually even have some great over the counter eczema lotions to try, you can find them at your local drug store! best wishes

I know what you mean. Both my kids have eczema and I seem to have the same problem. Any really thick lotion (like eucerin) made it so much worse, same with petroleum jelly products. I think you have to keep trying and find one that actually works well with your skin. For my daughter Dremarest (it has hydrocortisine in it though) worked best, and not at all for my son. For him the aveeno products work best. Hope this helps.

Rebecca L
My nephew has bad eczema and he cannot use lotion. He gets way worse and his skin itches and burns. His mom has to use a steroid cream on him when his eczema gets bad, ur doc or dermatoligist could help you.

Some lotions can irritate the skin. Try using a milder lotion such as Jergen and bath with calbonic soap. It a red soap that can be found at any ethnic store. The scent is strong but it will help soothe the skin. Plus soaking in the tub with oatmeal.

Linda F
My sons have really bad eczema and all they can use is the Eucerin cream in the jar because its thick. I also saw in Walgreen's that Aveeno has out a new eczema body wash and cream. Not sure how it works have not tried it. The Eucerin will help alot.

keep on truckin
its probably because your skin is so dry and it is absorbing some and causing an itchy feeling. If you have ever had really really dry skin just cause by skin being dry and you put something on it to help it usually stings and itchs. Unless a rash is developling you should be ok

Use petroleum jelly or perhaps Aveeno products. Also, see the first link I posted as it also contains alternative treatment methods.

yeah that happens to me too so i just don't wear any lotion so i talked to my doctor and he proscribed me this cream that works wonder full

Its a tricky business - it can be very difficult to determine what triggers eczema breakouts in individuals - It could be the brand or it could be the lotion. Its really very difficult to tell. I think emulsifying ointments can be good... but thats just an idea

For Sure
Absolutely.I have seen so many lotions actually aggravate eczema...
Hopefully these alternatives will help you.Best wishes to you!

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