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 how can you get rid of sores?i always get them on my butt?

 My daughter has Excema would it help her if she would drink more water?
My Daughter had excema it's not that bad as you see on the internet. It's really a mild case. We are using Locoid Lipocream for Flare ups. Bathing in Cedaphil and using Cedaphil Lotions. ...

 can anyone tell me which product will really clear my skin but is not too expensive?

 how can poison ivy be prevented?

 rash underarm pits,?

 can someone help me ?
for the last past 3 days my lips have been burning and everytime i lick em it burns more i thought it came from when i was out in the cold..but that would of went away by now.....

 how to get rid of chapped lips?? ten points! help!!!!!!?
OK so, my lips seem to have become extremely chapped ovenight. I think it's because I put on chapstick overnight and I might be allergic to chapstick! Oh noes!!! NOw not only are my lips chapped,...

 why do we sweat when we feel hot?

 How to get rid of acne?
would like to know some tips on how to get rid of acne?...

 Can anyone help with my skin problems, doctors or dietitians please?
I wash my face twice a day. I eat right, I eat fresh fruit and take a multi-vitamin every day, I never eat chocolate or drink fizzy drinks and I'd say I drink around 10 glasses of water a day ...

 what is the quickest way to get rid of a zit? i need help!!?
i had a huge bump appear on my face about 3 days ago and it was right between my eyebrows. i left it alone for awhile but i ended up popping it because it hurt so bad! when i popped it blood and pus ...

 What causes humans to have dark circles under their eyes?
When people don't get enough sleep, why do they get dark baggy circles under their eyes? What causes this and how can you prevent and get rid of them?...

 dealing with acne?
why is sleeping important if u dont' wanna get acne?...

 in my child , he is 13 year old suffered with lot of white spot in body...kindly suggest us the treatment....?
i want the advise from your side ...by steam tharepy ...white spot increase in body....

there is a huuge lice infestation at my school, it goes to kindergarden to grade 8.. everyone in each class has lice! even kindergardners. in my class (grade 8) there are like 24 students and now ...

 Head-lice problem.Helppppppppp!!!!!!!!!?
My cousin is having lice on her head for so long.She got this from some small kids somewhere. She had already used the anti-lice shampoo twice but it never works.She really wants to get it away from ...

 I need help with my acne?
How do you get rid of acne i look ugly :[[
and what medicine works the best i need help

 my child has puss in his toe and he says he can't feel his toe what shall i do, there is puss coming out?

 what is the best way to stop the itch and clear up poison ivy ????

 Does anyone know anything about "ringworm?"?
When I was showering this morning, I noticed a perfectly round, red circle on the inside of my forearm. I am supposing it is ringworm. Can anyone tell me if this is contagious to others? How did i ...

What is this on my son's foot? See Picture?
Wart or callous?


My friend has those
its called something funky
but there are like little seeds growing in it its wierd

Looks like it is callous. Does your son play baseball,etc. it could be from consistent rubbing of that one particular area against his shoes

its planters wart i had one on my arm! anyways go get dr.sholls or whatever its called and that will get rid of it okay?

Mitch S
Its a wart.

I am now 28 but when I was 19-22 I used to get foot warts all the time (no idea why).

Freezing it did nothing I had to finally get it lasered off.

Just a warning. The laser does not hurt, but for some reason the shot they use to numb your foot is one of the most painful things I have ever experienced. Thankfully it only last about 10 seconds.

Is a foot wart just like any other warts. A dermatologist would be able to freeze it with liquid nitrogen. It would take several treatments to get rid of it. But it will.

Laura K
Boy's got a Plantar wart! Be sure to spritz your bath or shower with a bleach/water solution after he uses it - the warts are contagious. If he showers after gym at school, or has been at a public pool (not sure if it's warm where you live) that's probably where he caught it. A podiatrist or his pediatrician can take care of this.

Looks like a Plantar Wart.

that's not just dried skin? what's that little black dots on it? can't u use ped egg and smooth it out?


Probably a planters wart.

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