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What is this bump on my eyelid?
It only hurts when I poke at it, and it has been here on my eyelid for months! It isn't on my eyelash follicle either. It is a little white but mostly skin colored. I don't think its going away any time soon unless I treat it. I doubt its a sty..but I can't seem to find anything else like it!

!!Brileys mommy!!
a sty.. kinda like a pimple lol dont mess with it. it'll dry up and go away on its own..
i use to get them alot when i was about... 13 years old, when i was always outside, hunting.. Four wheeling lol

Blue Haired Old Lady
A skin tag or a chalazion, maybe.

Well that is what it is, see a doctor

it is probably a spoy on inside of your eyelid.
try rubbing your finger on the palm of other hand until it becomes hot
then rub your finger over ther eyedid gently giving a little warmth.
do this seven times,should go away in few days if still there it needs medical attention.

My thought is it is a sty. Just don't ask us ask your doctor. He knows just about anything when it comes to human conditions.

If it is a tiny, kind of hard white bump then it might just be a clogged pore, I get them on my eyelids when I don't clean the make-up off my eye. They are nothing to worry about at all but they won't go away on their own, I usually just take tweezers and pinch them which hurts a little but I almost always get hard pus out of them similar to a blackhead. If it's bigger then it could be a sty or skin tag in which case you do not want to play with them.

most likely a sty

Tasha W
it just sounds like a sty
many wont go until you treat them and they hurt if you poke them

i would go to an eye doctor to make sure its nothing serious. i had something like it and it was just a plugged gland. it went away with putting warm compresses on it like 2-3 times a day..

It could be a Chalazion. Brother had one of these. More info in the link.

Link contains causes and treatments.

kathy s
Some people do have chronic styes and you may have to see your doctor. Have you tried rinsing your eyes with a sterile solution or applying an over-the-counter stye remedy. Soak the area in a warm compress and see if it will open or pop.

so dont poke it...

does it look like a piece of skin or something?
cause if it does, then i think its called a skin tag... it wont go away but you can get it removed by your doctor, it doesnt hurt.

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