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 I have psoriasis....and?
Well Ive had it since birth. I live in New York, so it's seasonal.
It comes really bad in the winter, and goes in the Summer.

I have had it worst this year, I have patches on my ...

 Why does the numb spot on my back itch?
I had back surgery at 13. There are a few spots on my back that I have never felt any other sensation but itchiness since, and I'm 32 now. Why is this, and how do I get relief?...

 Why do you get age spots on your hands?

 Why does my finger get swollen when I get a little tiny scratch from a cat?
It's not even a scratch, it a tiny,very tiny hole like a pinch, a little pinch. It gets itchy, I have to run to the bathroom, wash hands, use alcohol, peroxide,etc because it itches a lot. But ...

 Who do you think has cleaner hands: men or women? ?
Generally, who do you think has cleaner hands, men or women?


 Perfect skin all through college- and now acne! why!?
Basically I had wonderful skin through high school and my first two years of college and all of a sudden, I started to get mild acne - something that has continued for over a year. I have no idea why-...

 what is the best way to get rid of acne?
what product is the best and what store? and how fast does it work? easy 10 ...

 jojoba oil for really bad flaky skin?
my friend uses it for her dry skin and it works for her but she doesnt have acne. I have some pretty bad acne. I was wondering if jojoba oil was ok to put on skin with acne and if it really helps dry,...

 i was fair during my childhood... but nw my complexion has changed... can i become fair again????
please give me some ...

 I am breaking out all over!?
About 3 weeks ago my arm started itching like crazy. I got these red marks(little dots) all down the inside of my arm...by the next day they were gone.
Then 2 days later my other arm started and ...

 red pigmentations on face?
recently i have noticed i have little small discolorations (redddish) mostly on my cheek......they are just like popping up everywhere... i am not exactly sure when i got them.....but i know for sure ...

 Have You Ever Had Nail Fungus?
If so, what did you do about it? Did you treat it yourself, or did you go to a Doctor? Thanx in advance for your answers. =)...

 Do you have to take ALL your clothes off for a mole map?
If you have mole map do you have to completely strip. I'm not having one i just wondered
Additional Details
Also is it just one person doing it or more?...

 How do I get rid of an Sunburn?

 Have you heard that acne is caused by a Vitamin A defiency? Does it really work?

Out of the blue the other day I couldn't sleep because I woke up uncontrollably itchy. This has been driving me insane the past couple of days! When I scratch i get different sized white bumps ...

 Which Is Safer: Chemical Peel or Dermabrasion?
I'm getting my blackheads removed, which one is safer, and what are the side effects of each?...

 HPV - Plantar wart question?
if i have plantar wart on my foot ? will i die from it?? can it spread from person to person???

this is a important question... need to know ...

 My white rabbit has a white creamy puss over his eyes and on the eyeball,does anyone know what it is????

 Have you used this product before?
Its called Tanda and its a new way of treating acne using blue and red LED light. If you've tried it, how were your results and how did you use it? I read in a review the instructions aren'...

What is the best ointment to relieve itchy mosquito bites?

relieve the itching with a hot water soak or a cotton ball with hot water and baking soda made into a paste. Then use either Neosporin or some calamine lotion with bendryle cream. The calamine lotion has an antihistamine and will sooth the bite. The soak with the baking soda will draw out itch too.

I have a terrible reaction to mosquitos, and I really like the extra strength Benadryl cream. It kicks in pretty quickly and works on just about any itchy skin condition.

Large Hardon Collider is GP
Cortizone-10, hands down.

Lavender essential oil (undiluted).


Schmeckel Deckel Original
If used immediately after the bite, a dab of ammonia does the trick. And no, I am not kidding. Administer with a cotton ball. It will evaporate quickly and stop the itching.

Sprem....works wonders on anything that ails ya.

I Aints Pimp Stain
Good ol' fashioned 78-cents-at-any-pharmacy witch hazel.

Nat is back!
Vinegar and salt.
Happy scratching!
Hope you don't get malaria :)


We like Burt's Bees Bug Bite Relief.

Just Tina Again
Liquid benadryl...put a dab on the bite...

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