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 what should I do about this! white stretch marks in my arm! help please!?
o.k last year I started going to the gym last september, i was not fat, I just had few pound more than normal! well after 6 month white lines appeared in my arms, but before I lost about 10 pound, ...

 Have you seen the guy on TV talking about acne (it is a commercial)?
The boy says, "I put this on at night, and when I wake up in the morning, YOU don't have acne." How stupid is that? It helps me that he put it on at night? That is the funniest and ...

 Acne for over a year. And im 18!! wtf?
My god, acne was meant to make us ful of flaws. I started getting outbreaks from i believe dry skin in november of 2007 and nver fully recovered. Its been almost a year and my parents told me it was ...

 What causes red bumps on your legs?
I just noticed these little red bumps on my shins. I haven't shaved or used lotion in a few days, so they shouldn't be razor bumps or an allergy to my lotion. They're not really itchy ...

 What are some foods that will help relieve acne?

 does the queen helen mint julep mask really work for acne and blackheads?
i got it and ive been using it for a week so has anyone used it?and does it really work?...

 How do I get rid of a zit on my lip????????
A zit-looking pimple on the lower lip...really need to get rid of it as fast as possible. I'm not sure if popping it is a good idea, since it can make things worse...but if I leave it alone, how ...

 Dermablend cover cream in India?
Guys I have a white patch in my neck and I want to know where can I buy Dermablend to cover the patch?I am from Kolkata.And also if there are any other good concealers or cover creams in the market ...

 Hands turn blue, then it washes off with water, what is it?
My girlfriend lately been having her hands turn pale white until recently the yhave been turning bluish. I read around about this and i have been reading its something to do with Raynaud syndrom or ...

 the skin around and on my nose attends to get a little red ?
i don't rub more nose if i would it would be rarely, my nose has a bit of little veins on the side, i would also like to figure out about that if their are any home remedies for ...

 Why do cats sleep like meatloaves with no arms or legs?

 how do you get rid of a stress knot on the top of your head?
i have had this stress knot on the top of my head for about 10 years now and no matter how much i cut down on my stress the knot on my head will not go away. should i see a doctor for it....

 Guy's please?!!?
Do/did you have acne/pimples on your back? What do you do about it and do you have pimples on your back AND face or just back? I am a girl and have noticed lots of guys have this problem. Just ...

 why acne never appears on hand?

 my face is itchy and red and irritated, what home items can i use to help?
i have been having problems with my face lately, i used to ex foliate too much and it has left my skin dry and irritated and right now i have no way of getting to the store to pick up some ...

 Toe Fungus will not go away.?
I've lost my toe nail twice and it grows back real soft and then the fungus is back again. I even tried prescription medicine....

 How do I get rid of a blood blister?
My friend slammed my right middle finger in her locker, and now there's a painful blood blister right under my fingernail. The school nurse said that it'd heal all by itself, but my ...

 How to stop skin irratation?
My dad says its an allergic reaction and some of my face is red and its really itchy, my mom told me not to touch my face or it will get worse but its so hard! how can i calm it or get it to stop ...

 My body is freaking out? I can't stop it?
Okay, so I can't stop twitching or whatever. And it's driving me insane. It didn't start until like 30 minutes ago. I was watching clips of Donnie Darko, you know, the movie with Jake G...

 my cheeck is swollen need help?
My inside right cheek is swollen and on he outside of my cheek there is like a little bum and when i squeezed it hurts. what is it? I have it for about three days now....

What happens when battery fluid leaks onto your skin? Should I be worried as far as my health is concerned?
I removed some old double-A Panasonic batteries from an old device and the fluid leaked onto my skin. I noticed my skin was wet, and after about 20 seconds I smelled a strong ammonia-like scent. My hand started to feel tight and extremely dry so I washed them immediately. However, here I am a few hours later and my hand feels a bit swollen. Not noticeably swollen b/c others can't tell, but it feels swollen to me. Has this happened to any of you? Is this something that I should seek medical attention for? .

you should definantly seek medical help at first go to the doctors and not rush in to the hospital or er.

batteries are filled with acid. So you have burned your hand. If there are no open wounds you are ok. You did the right thing washing it off immediately.

Muthu S
Yes. No need for medical aid. Apply ice or burnol cream.
These alkaline batteries contain limestone & carbon

You should wash your hands immediately.
Batteries are acidic! Ointments should be applied to the affected area.

Battery fluid is either strong acid or alkaline. If you didn't wash the fluid completely away it could cause inflammation of the skin or WCS the skin could be eaten away by the strong acid or caustic. It may be wise for you to consult a physician.

DEPENDING ON HOW LONG THE BATTERY ACID IS IN CONTACT WITH YOUR SKIN . battery acid is still acid and can cause severe burns.. baking soda helps neutralize the effects but i havent seen it affect me in swelling but others may have allergic reaction to it .
if it persists seek medical attention mj

Wash with baking soda, it counter acts acids. Unless you have an allergic reaction you should be okay. I' ve gotten battery acid on me several times here on the farm.

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