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its my friend and im pretty sure hes not about to kark it!...

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Anonomity... Gotta Love It
What does a wart look like when its going to fall off?
ok, i asked a question somewhat to this effect a few minutes ago. no one ansered. please answer?


it is a big red spot


warts dont fall off they just heal.

Kamichama karin
Well, I did have planters warts... but they don't fall off. they just shrink when you use good medicine on them and just vanish

it looks like a melted chocolate chip about to fall off a cookie.

it turns black, and will peel off if it was frozen

*~* Sexy Mama *~*
It will look a lot darker of a color than what it normally is. But leave it alone do not try to pull it off or anything like that.

/ void
depends; i have a plantar wart. wayy different then those common warts because mine grows in the bottom of the foot area; other then out in other area. depending on the medicine you use. it probably looks like a scab thats going to fall off. i could be wrong.

luke C
It looks grey and dead looking

Amy L.
like it's hanging on for dear life...

Smaller and more shrivelled than usual, probably with a thinner tag joining it to the skin.

trust me

I love my daddy[: yup yup I do!
umm tht idk ifhttp://www.naturalskincare.co.za/wart_remover.gif this answer ur q but here

tyler c
yeah i had a wart and my just now went away. it looks kinda like a red polka-dot and its kinda shiny andit blends in with ur skin color and u can barley notice it.i used wartmedicine that will getridofit eventuallythen i stop and it just went way over time.

I had a huge one on my knee a while back, and honestly, at the end, it looked exactly as it always had, except it had a raw, open red area underneath it and was hanging by a thin bit of skin :)

Memere RN/BA
Boy, some of the answers Jeesh. I had one in high school nestle between my pinkie and the next finger. A friend of mind gave a suggestion that really work. First of all, it gets very itchy. He told me to tie a string around it and tighten it each and eventually it will fall off. It did it and IT WORKED. That was 1963. It has not returned since. For me it was the itch. Let me tell you, it's an old time remedy and they work better that all the crap they sell on the market. It doesn't hurt to tie the string around it. I used ordinary sewing thread, It cut it off and all I have is a tiny scar that no none can see. I hope you try this. Have a friend tie the initial string around it. it's awkward doing it yourself.. Believe me, of all the fancy expensive treatment out there for warts. And this cost nothing. It will take at least 3 wks to fall of and you will not feel pain
good luck and I know it will work for you

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