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 Can a human use Terramycin Ophthamlic ointment for swollen infected eye?
Can a human use Terramycin Ophthamlic ointment for swollen infected eye?
i heard it's only for pets, is that true?

 any home remedies for acne?

 Has anyone ever used the Nuetrogena Wave?
hey lately ive been getting a lot of acne! i wash my face every night with clean & clear. i thought maybe this nuetrogena wave thing would help...? it says that your face is noticeably clearer &...

 How do I get rid of these zits?!?
Every morning I wake up with even more zits! I already use Oxy and Clean and Clear but they don't work! How can I get rid of all this acne!!...

 What are these little brown dots on my face...(read further)...?
These little brown dots have started to appear like right after tanning....It started out as a couple...and now there's more of them on my face...Not sure what they are, whether or not if they ...

 I have dark rough skin on my knuckles and elbows.?
How can I get rid of it or improve it?...

 what are causes of blotchy dry skin?
i have it really bad on my hand.
i dont think that it is contagious, but i have it spread all over my legs....

 Has anyone with Alopecia Universalis had regrowth with topical immunotherapy?
Im 16 and im having topical immunotherapy and its actually looking good. The hair follicles have opened on the front of my head and on odd parts all over my scalp, im having tiny tiny hairs popping ...

 My cat bit me, now I have the rash?
My little sh*thead cat bit me on the hand a few days ago. Now I have a redish puffy rash looking like thing going on in the area he bit me. Could it be something like bacteria infection from the cat? ...

 my partner suffers with infected eczema it flares up every few weeks ?
usually flares up on her arms looks unsghtly and is painful doc prescribes steroid cream she doesnt like using this as it thins the skin any suggestions on what she could ...

 Daughter has an itchy, raised rash on her elbows and back what could this be?
She was diagnosed with eczema as a toddler but she grew out of that. This does not look like eczema but I just don't know....

 How do I treat my acne?
I am 21 years old and have moderate to severe acne. I was not expecting it to continue into my twenties, since after puberty initially starts the oil secretion is supposed to lessen somewhat...Ive ...

 How do I get rid of acne scarring after my acne is gone?
I used to have really bad acne that covered basically my whole face, mostly my cheeks. I still get zits that pop up now and then, but its totally manageable. Now, the problem I'm having is that I...

 Thing like a whitehead but not....?
I have a thing about an inch under my eye. It is like a whitehead but its kind of under the skin and its been there for ages. What could it be?
It is definitely not a spot.
Additional D...

 Can I still wear my contacts if i have a sty ?
I recently got a sty in my eye and i was wondering if i could still wear my contacts of will it make th sty worse....

 Why can't you get a tan on your palms?

 I have this big scab.......?
I have a big scab on my face left from a zit- i need it too be gone AS SOON AS POSSSIBLE!!!!! you guys are my last hope-plz. what is the best HOUSEHOLD product to use????? (i also have clean+clear, ...

 What is this on my leg?
i noticed this on my leg the other day. it started out as a red blotch. it felt like there was a lot of painful pressure on it from the inside, especially when i sat for a while and then started ...

 how to get rid of spots
how do i get rid of spots i only have a few but i hate them there just so ugly!!!!...

 effective homemade facial masks?
can you people please give me some reciepes for EFFECTIVE homemade facial masks? Particularly moisterizing masks....

Small pus filled bumps on palms of hands & feet?
I get small puss filled bumps that usually show up on the palms of my hands and on the sides of my feet. They also show up on the sides of my fingers and the bottoms of my feet but with less frequency. Sometimes they are single bumps alone and other times there will be several very close to each other.

They are very small with a pus filled head. I'll pop them with a pint, push out the fluid & wash it, it will dry & peel off after a few days.

If I leave it alone, the pus eventually gets hard(?) the pustule flattens out, turns reddish (like a scab under the skin or when a blood blister is dried up and ready to peel) dries out and the whole thing peels off.

I've gotten them for at least 4 years but they have gotten worse in the past year or so. Sometimes they can be a little itchy, & can be a little sore if not popped.

Any ideas? I intend to see a Dr, I'm just hoping to go in with some info.
Additional Details
The pustules look similar to this:


Andrea A
I have the same problem. Look online for Dysnidrosis. You will find the symptoms listed there as well as several solutions you can try. Try looking in Wikipedia; it explains a lot about the condition we have. The disturbing thing to me is the fact that it can get worse if not taken care of. Good luck to you and....let me know how you are doing.

only me
not really sure
but it sounds like pulsar psorasis
make sure you go to the docs.....wash and dry feet well wear cotton socks and shoes/trainers that breath (holes in etc)
hope it clears soon hun
good luck

I got the same thing on the palms of my hands and sides of my feet starting about 6 months ago. Everything you said was exactly the same as what I had.

In the last month or two the pustules went away but the area of my hands and feet are just dry as a bone and the skin will just flake of.

I researched it and it could have been several things. I went to the doc and they had me on probably 10 different topical medicines. They never gave me any pills. I gave up because nothing was working. Recently I have been using Cortozone .10 which is a higher topical dose.

Email me if you ever figure out what it is becuase the docs here could never figure it out.

I am glad to see your question about it.


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