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l h
Reddish dry round patch on leg that doesn't itch?
A couple months ago I noticed a small, approximately nickel-sized spot on my let that was an orangeish-red color (light) that didn't itch at all, and was somewhat drier than the rest of my skin. Now, I've noticed recently that it really hasn't changed, other than being slightly larger. What might this be? This is the only spot I've found this, and it doesn't appear to spread. It doesn't look like ringworm, either.


- -fella345
cut it off

It's either from a nicotine patch, or it's ring worm. Could be shingles (no it doesn't have to be black).. My sister had it, it's a form of cancer.. Go to a dermatologist and get some test :)

I'm not exactly sure but you should go check with the local dermatologist.

liquor in front....poker in back
maybe just dry skin did u try lotion

gave ur leg a hickie huh?


Crystal C
its probably something like a yeast fungal thingy. i had one on my leg and my dermatologist gave me oxistat which is a cream and i put it on twice a day and it went away after a couple weeks.

mery moo cow
maybe u got bit my something

it could just be a dry patch of skin. try putting Burt's Bees Rescue ointment or aquaphor and see if it clears up.
good luck!

it might be skin cancer so go check it out

ツ rachiieee
=O I had something like that too it was dry skin on my leg that wasn't itchy but I would itch it anyway cause I'm stupid I also had it on the back of my knee I still don't know what it was but it's barely there now after a few months it may have been xmah but I would just use a anti itch type of cream

Never guess on health issues, it could be nothing, or it could be skin cancer. Go see a doctor

:] thee jo.
ringworm or fungus.

apply some kind of fungus cream.

I would say it's a cyst. I would be able to determine the type if you gave me more information. I hope you check out this site! http://www.medicinenet.com/cysts/article.htm

I think I've had the same spot you're talking about. I bought some Aveno Intensive care lotion and used it once a day for about 5days and it went away.

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