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 Oily skin problem?
Will eating plenty of vegetables and fruits and more important drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water every day help get rid of oily skin and make my skin glowing and lighter? Will this help and if ...

 does head and shoulder shampoo really clear bacne?
and what is they best way to use it if it does?...

 Acne medication in need, tried most stuff and nothing works?
My girlfriend has tried many acne medications and nothing seems to really work,I was told ProActiv makes you break out. We live in New Mexico so I dont know if the dry heat has anything to do with it,...

 Did you know, putting your elbows on your desk is what causes them to be rough and scaly?

Additional Details
I use to work for a Dermatologist, he said it was caused by friction. We usually saw this is school age children, teens & office workers. Most folks who work in ...

 itchy arms?
If someone has an idea about itchy arms. No rash nothing but itch till it bleeds. No signs of anything on arms. They itch terribly and I cant find anything to use on them. benedryl and creams dont ...

 blackheads and Lemon Juice...does it really work?
i have horrible blackheads, most of them reside on my nose, and some on my chin....does lemon juice really help get ride of the blackheads, if it does then how, and how should i use them?


 acne problems help plz?
okay i hav really bad acen and i dont mean like a lil i mean like i have it on my chin forhead and cheeks and ive had it since the sixth grade and im in eight i really dont like it plz help i have ...

 Can you think of witty retorts for people asking what my psoriasis is?
I have a patch on the back of my head that I usually tell people is an exit wound scar or the mark of the beast....

 question for the ladies..ive been blind most of my ...?
life and it was last week that i could see again by some miracle..well anyways i was showering when i dropped the soap by accident then caught a climpse of my naked body in the mirror..it was like a ...

 can albino people dye their hair?

 Does Vitamin E Oil help get rid of the appearance of scars?

 I have dark scars from mosquito bites!?
I have dark scars from mosquitoe bites. I was wondering if anyone knew any remedies to help them fade. My dermatologist and doctor told me that they were caused by exyzema, which I believe. But now i ...

 Do I have MRSA?
okay im 12, and i have a red lump on my armpit, awkward place, but it is filled with pus and it hurts. it did bleed a littlebit but it hurts and it burned when i tried cleaning the dry blood off it ...

 How do you get rid of those dark circles under your eyes?
I wanna know how to get rid of them!! It seems like every morning I waake up, and there they are! I need to know what I should do to make them go away when I wake up so I am fresh in the morning. And ...

i started using acne pill called minocycline and my skin is obly getting worse,..has anyone else used it and how long does it take 2 start working?? skin emergency happening with me right now my skin ...

 How do you get rid of rough, dry feet overnight?

 What should I expect from a mole removal and biopsy?

 is there a difference in the treatment of eczema and psoriasis?
according to the med websites I have eczema but when i went to see my doc he said it was psoriasis. Am I splitting hairs here? are the treatments the same?...

 What is a good remedy to get rid of blemishes and have a clear face?

 Why am I still getting breakouts?
I always break out in my T-zone. Chin, Cheeks (near nose), and between eyebrows. My skin is oily in those zones as well. I moisturize, and wash my face with a redness relief for sensitive skin (...

Please help! my skin looks HORRIBLe in flourescent light!!?
so when im at home and i look in the mirror, my makeup looks really good, flawless. i dont put that much powder foundation on because i dont need a lot and it looks better with less. it also looks really good like outside and at school (all where the lights are more natural and dimmer) however whenever i look in the bathroom mirror at like target or like carls jr....the lights are really florescent. and i feel i look really ugly ...cause my skin looks bad...it makes it look all textury and like lines in my skin and like my skins really bad but it isnt bad ..i have a few red spots on my face and thats it i dont really even get acne breakouts anymore. so what is this? i feel ugly when i look in bathrroom mirrors at stores like that i hate it. anyone else get this? :(
Additional Details
this happens with other foundations in the past too..really annoying...also, my skin really is not what it looks like in the florescent lights its almost like a fake alias or image because me skin is not bad!!

I have the same problem

it points out EVERY imperfection
i hate it too

theres not much you can do unless you just try to make your skin look better?

Flourescent lighting is notorious for making your skin look sallow and accentuating lines, wrinkles and any other imperfection. There is nothing that you can do about it. Flourescent lighting is very common nowadays, as its a cheaper light source and very common in commercial settings. Just make sure you put your makeup on at home under normal light conditions and know that you are not the only one that looks bad under those lighting conditions.

Izzy :)
Oh my god I feel like that too! When I look in the mirrors when the lights are on I feel so damn ugly and you can see red spots on my face. Don't worry hun, you aren't alone. But just remember you are beautiful no matter what anyone says! :) And in your case nobody is teasing you, but don't let that bathroom mirror taunt you. =P

basically, you are realising no matter how much makeup you put on. you will always see your true self. stop looking in the mirror if you don't like it.

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