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 I met a young child with warts on her hand and I asked her what they were.?
I met a young child with warts on her hand and I asked her what they were. She stated that she had a pet frog that urinated on her hand and the warts formed shortly thereafter. Does anyone know if ...

 Acne !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
now i know that you've prob read billinons of acne q's on this site and i have put a few on, im 14 going through puberty and yes its hard as it is for others who suffer from acne now i hate ...

 It puts the lotion on the skin or it gets the hose again?
Put the Fcuking lotion in the basket
Additional Details
Ms Bonita Devine: Lol just watched that video - It's hilarious!! Thanks!...

 Acne scars?
Hello, I am 16. I started to have acne around the age of 12 and its pretty severe. My whole face is filled with acne except my forehead. Most of them are now scars. About 4/5 are scars. What's ...

Yea i cut myself
but i wanna stop and im going to
i dont want my mom to know so im wearing jackets till the redness goes away from my arm
ive been doing it for like 2 yearsss

 Clear Skin Answer! Mask. how to.?
Im going to share a few of my secrets in how i clean my skin every 2 days.
So obviously everyday i try to take a shower and in doing that wash my face, But this is an every two day step

 Does sitting in a sauna help with acne?
Please help..I'm ...

 how do you get ridd of black heads?

 how to have a flawless skin face?
i have problems with my skin but not all the time, zits.
how to prevent that from happening.
Truly no expansive products work, i already tried.
my skin gets oily sometimes and ...

 Lately, my cheeks are very rosey. What can cause this and how do I cover it up?
I haven't always had rosey cheeks. It's not sunburn or wind burn and it's definitely not cold in Las Vegas. Any ideas what this could be and what is the best way to cover it up?...

 Has anyone ever tried Bio-oil?
I've been noticing a lot commercials for this product recently. It looks like it's cheaper than mederma and other scar treatments. What's been your experience with it if you've ...

 How can I get rid of my dark elbows/knees/knuckles?
I am mexican but have a white skin tone and my elbows, knees and knuckes are very dark. what can i do to lighten them? they are also very rough. ive tried lemon juice and a prumice stone but the ...

 Why do I keep breaking out at 31 years old??
OK, for the last two years I haven't smoked or drank, I wear sunscreen, wash my face every night, drink a ton of water, and my face looks horrible! It's all ruddy and I get major breakouts ...

Is there any thing that reduces the appearance of stretchmarks or anything that makes them disappear?...

 what to do when some one you know smells like old cheese?

Additional Details
so what can you do to help this person if you care about them and you can't avoid them and they have no since of smell any more what would make them smell like ...

 how 2 get rid of a spot?
need 2 reduce a spot before 2morrow any ideas?...

 How can I get smooth Face skin?
How can I just get rid of the bumpy spot scars left from acne, there really red, how can I get nice ...

 Which kind of food causes acne?
The only food I have heard is chocolates and peanuts but there have to be more food Is it the food that causes acne ? or is it other ...

 what is the strongest acne cream?
I have suffered with acne for years
tried everything
what is the strongest product i can get?...

 I have plantar wart problems PLEASE HELP!!?
It all started when I took a shower at the beach's shower houses... i noticed that i had a wart (at the time i thought it was a heat blister from the HOT sand) then when i got home i realized ...

My knee caps and elbows are darker than my skin?
How can I make it come out? Or fix it or whatever?What are some things that I can use that I may have at home? Please help me.

Thank you.
Additional Details
How can I make them lighter? What are some things that I can use that I may have at home? Please help me.

I'm confused. Make it come out or fix it. If you mean how to make your knee's and elbows lighter you should exfoliate, I don't know how to make "it" come out.

Anna F
Cause of dark elbows and knees: It is generally caused by a built up of dead skin cells from the amount of abuse these two areas get. Always treat your knees and elbows with care and they will be beautiful for you!Remedies for dark elbows and knees: Cut a lemon in half, and scrub your knees with it. Leave the juice on for as long as possible. You could also do this at night and leave the juice on overnight. Also, make sure your knees are well moisturized constantly, try to find a cream (or make your own) that contains green tea and cocoa butter. Scrub them gently with a pumice stone daily when taking bath to get rid of dead skin. Also, don't kneel on your knees, and treat them with care. As always, drinking plenty of pure water is the key to beautiful skin. Also, drinking herbal teas with rose hips, honey, green tea, and chamomile help to promote healthy skin. Spreading honey on the skin is another good way to naturally moisturize.

Always be careful to avoid commercial “skin bleachers” as these can cause very serious damage to the inner most layers of skin, including scaring that can be worse looking than the discoloration.

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