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 hi friends i want to know which soap is best for bathing? currently i m using pears but my skin goes dry ?

 Can You Get A Mole Like This Removed ?
I have a mole right on my upper lip line,and by right on it i mean right on it,there's no gap at all.
I was wondering if there are anyways to get rid of it/ shrink it ? x
Additional D...

 How can I get rid of strech marks??
I'm 17 years old. I'm Black. ummm I'm not extremely dark, but i have stretch marks on my breast and I only wear a 34-B. I dont understand why i have them. But my main concern is that I ...

 Face is really red! help!?
My cheeks are real red. I have some acne scars on cheeks too..

i really need them to fade. I ve had them for 5 months. I try really hard to avoid sunlight.. hear is pic for right side of ...

 I think I have toenail fungus under both of my big toe's!!! How do I get rid of this .?
I am going to a dermatoligist but the appointment is so far away...help me!...

 how do you remove a wart?
i have/had a wart on my thumb, so i put a bandaid on it.
after a couple days, i guess water got trapped under there and it turned whiteish i guess.
little pieces kinda came off when i felt ...

 i have tried everything what can i do to get rid of my acne?I'm 27 years old its embarassing!?

 What is good for chapped lips?
I use Vaseline but I also sometimes use a store brand lip balm that kinda feels tingly on my lips and it kinda smelt like vapour rub. I get chapped lip all the time. But I've heard that P...

 how to help get rid of acne?
i have had acne since i was around 9... 16 now.. still havent gotten it under control. idk if its a bad condition but i cant stand it any londer... does any body know a cheap way i can get rid of it! ...

 i have mouth sore continuously it's coming what is treatment pls advise to me.?

 Can anyone recommend a strong female deodorant? I have tried several different ones, but they just don't seem
to work. It is kind of embarrassing. I have even tried the crystals. Can anyone tell me what may be causing it?...

 Does anyone know any other cures for Posion Ivy or Posion Oak besides Calamine lotion? Please help I'm dying.

 Acne problems.. help?
I have zits all over my forehead, and on the sides of my face close to my ears, and I have blackheads all over my nose. I also live in a very dry climate. What can I do to stop the acne before I end ...

 Why is my brother fat?
Everyone else is really skinny, and he is obese. HELP! We are embarrassed to be seen with someone that fat!...

 Sore, Dry Skin after using Clearasil ultra?
After using clearasil, My skin Is very painful, Dry and sore. What should I do to reverse this?....

 How do you naturally get rid of deep pitted acne scars?
Not interested in the laser treatment, i can't, not for another year or so. Natural home remedies anyone? Personal experience would be best.. thanks....

 Help need to get reid of acne?
What is a good acne product? is proactive good? or acne complex or clearsil? What would you recommend for stubborn acne.....

 how many toes do u have?
in my english class we were talking about people who have like 6 toes on one foot and they got it removed!!! is that normal and does it happen a lot?!?!?!?...

 my but hole itches 247!!!!! HELP ME!! IT HURTS!?

 Acne on my chest? Please help!?
I've tried about everything. I need it gone! I don't want Proactive or go see a derm! Im already taking Doxy acne pills, but it just won't go away. PLEASE HELP MEE!!...

Lump inside my earlobe!!!?
I have had a lump inside of my earlobe for a couple of days and I have never had it before (It hurts!). I have had my ears pierced, but i have gotten them pierced when I was really little, and the lump is nowhere near the piercings. It isn't a scar either because my piercing holes are still there. Does anyone know what this is, because I am completely clueless about it... and should I see a doctor?
Additional Details
I have not been near any insects lately, and I actually was sick last week with the flu and strep throat.

you have cancer

Have you been in contact with any insects? Sounds like a bite, I have one under my arm, my doctor said it was a reaction to a mossie bite. Seriously though you should get any lump checked by a doctor, just to make sure its nothing more serious, but it sounds like a bite to me.. or an abscess, they are dead common, its one of those if it develops a head (ewww)... xx

i have the same thing. just keep pushing it. it will hurt but it goes away.

and its caz of the piercings.

Big Melons For Homer
i hav it too, hopefully its nothing serious tho

"Your description of the change in your earlobe makes me think of two possibilities. One is that this could be some kind of a tumor
of the connective tissue underneath the skin which normally constitutes the earlobe. The most probable possibility is clogged sebaceous gland of the earlobe. It is not uncommon to have clogged sebaceous glands in the earlobe. They are a result of poor hygiene or some kind of an infection. Most people don’t even notice them, or notice them as small lumps in the earlobe, but some of them tend to get infected and they can grow to be very big and can become a great problem for the patient. They can hurt but they don’t have to, the pain usually appears when the lump starts pressing on some nerve ending in the earlobe. Trying to squeeze them out will only cause you more pain and can worsen the infection. The safest solution is to go to a plastic surgeon and have the lump removed. It may be the smartest thing to do because they could rule out the chances of some kind of a cancer
, don’t worry the procedure isn’t painful and it shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to do it. Good luck with it."

Bevrinton .
Join the club I've got that too , don't worry about the 1st answer it is not that and wish people wouldn't use that terrible illness even in joke form it's not funny .My lump has been there for a few years it doesn't bother me so I leave it be . many thanks . cheerio .

A lot of people have that. I think they're similar to pimples.

U R Sofa King
it could be your thyroid, have you been sick recently. I had it on my right ear lower lobe, and it ballooned to the size of a large grape. It can be a variety of things, let it be if it gets any larger then go see a doctor. I'd give it 5 days.

correction: lymph node or gland, not thyroid. can swell due to infection, and since you stated you where sick may be the reason for the lump, also could be a cyst.

Relax, probably just a pimple. One of the cyst kinds that is deep under the skin. You can get them on your ears too

It could either be an under the skin spot, or it could be that thing I had but I can't remember the name of. It is basically just a ball of fat and it disappears after a few weeks. It will go away if that's what it is. I had it in my earlobe as well.

It sounds like cauliflower ear. Is it squishy and warm?

Don't freak out! Its probably a pimple. The kind that sits UNDER the skin only it feels weird because its in your earlobe. If its still there in a few weeks, THEN freak out.

You should be fine though.

Good luck =)

that girl =)
i get them all the time. all it is, is blood and puss. nuthing bad. it will come out of your ear sooner or later. its kinda a pimple

Untitled Sabrina Project
It's probably just a pimple. Don't worry, it happens to the best of us.

Omg i have that too....what i did is i held an icecube on it basically until the ice melted. Then the next morning it got smaller so i did that every night before i went to bed and it was gone in less than a week! But if that doesnt work for you...you should definatly see a doctor...

Good luck =)

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