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i dont think its a zit
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Is it ok to take a bath in bleach?
I smell awful(even when i take 2 baths in a row), and I heard taking a bath with a cup of bleach in will kill bacteria that makes me smell

Zinc If you have body odor, try taking zinc tablets. Zinc, plus magnesium, will help balance your body's metabolism and reduce the cause of bad odor. Studies have shown that taking 30 to 50 mg daily will dramatically reduce certain body odors, although you may need less. Zinc may also reduce perspiration and sweaty feet. However, it is wise to go above 15 mg only with a doctor's supervision as zinc may interfere with the absorption of copper, another essential trace mineral.

I have heard of taking a bath in diluted bleach to kill a fungus called ringworm.
Try showers using deoderant soap, or deoderant bodywash.
use deoderant that is also anti-persperant.
And maybe see a doctor if that doesn't help you may have something wrong.

No it is not. Bleach is utter crapola i dont even use it for washing. even for white clothes i use bleach alternative and it works the same.

Arrica H
I use to make my husband soak his feet in warm bleach water when he came home from working outside all day. It would not hurt you if you only stayed in for a short amount of time. Do not put your hair in. I think taking a shower would be a good idea and try washing with baking soda, it deodorizes with out the smell of bleach.

Take a shower and use a exfoliating loofah or pad. Try a body wash that has moisturizers and exfoiliating beads in it too. It will help get some of the dead skin off you and maybe help with odors?

Afterwards, put on some deoderant, a little body spray... and if you sweat a lot, try some powder. They have some in the girly section at the stores, but they come in unscented and sports which would be more of a manly smell.

If the problem continues, try a doctor or dermotoligist. You may have a hormone problem that makes you "smell" more then a normal person.

I think bleach will just make it worse. You probably need to go to the doctor and get a rx strength soap and deodorant. If you dont want to go to that extreme; try a health food store. Good Luck!

No, it's not okay to take a bath in bleach.

Try showering and using a scrubber with scented bath wash. Then after your shower, apply scented body cream all over your body. And use deodorant/antiperspirant stick.

You probably just have a layer of dead skin cells that need to be exfoliated off.
The easiest way to remove it is to take a bath then take a shower and scrub it off with a wash cloth or loofah sponge.


bronte heights
Not recommended. Go to http://www.bodymint.com/
these really work. Also, try bathing with antibacterial soap. Bleach can really dry out your skin, and since it is chlorine (sodium hypochlorate) it IS a carcinogen (causes cancer - mild). Also, you can try eating bland food for a couple of weeks to see if that helps. Finally, go to the doctor and have a blood workup done. There are certain maladies that manifest themselves as body odor (such as diabetes). Just make sure to rule that out first.

The full body albino look is _HOT_. Go for it. Post pictures (if you're not in the hospital).

(A cup of bleach in a tub of water probably won't hurt you, nor will it probably do much for your odor either. But YMMV IANAD.)

BTW, in case you're serious about tackling the odor, let me give you the skinny: the problem _is_ bacteria, but it's not bacteria on your skin. Instead it's bacterial infections endemic in your body. Thirty seconds of rinsing with water will remove 99% of the bacteria on your skin (though the hand soap industry wouldn't probably want you to know that). But your body is constantly excreting more (along with other substances, sweat, urine, pollutants, waste products and such).

So in theory, what you need to do is speed up the process of excretion to the point that you're not overwhelmed by the cesspool inside your skin. What can you do? Spas, exercise, increased water/salt intake, stimulants, spicy foods, basically anything that makes your sweat, poop, piss, sneeze, cry, blow your nose or create earwax is good.

What color is your mucus? That's a pretty good indication of your overall infection level. If it's not clear for 75% of the day, that could be a good sign you're at suboptimal health.

Also, bumping your immune system couldn't hurt. Calcium (2000 mg), Vitamin D (400-600 Iu), Vitamin C (as much as you can tolerate -- frequency is better than quantity) and tons of citrus might be beneficial here.

Finally, balancing your intestinal flora might very well strike at the problem at its root. An attack dose of 40-50 billion active cells of acidopholus/day along with plenty of healthy fiber (40-60 grams mixture of soluble and insoluble) would pretty tidily address that area (probably in matter of weeks too). A clear sign that this would be helpful is if you have trouble with constipation, diarrhea or your stools aren't a healthy dark brown color.

(Oh and I blush to mention this, but just in case... don't rule out taking lots of showers over the course of the day. One in the morning, before you go to sleep, after you get home from work or basically whenever you stink. If that doesn't work, more drastic measure can be taken: see above.)

Good luck, my friend.

Try showering instead. By having baths you're basically stewing in dirt, so if you shower all the dirt will just go down the drain.

Also try a body wash instead of a soap, if that's what you're currently using.

no it is not ok to bathe in bleach , dilutted bleach is irritating to the skin, on the label it says if u spill bleach on your skin you are to rinse repeatedly so as not to cause skin burning or peeling, or worse. so if you were to soak in a bath tub of it makes no sense! it sounds to me like you might have a medical problem, it could be certain foods u eat or medication you take. it could be many different things. but this is not something you should get advice from just anyone! you need to make an appointment with your Dr. he or she will then put you on the right track! it could be the job for a skin Dr. or some other specialist but talking with your doc. is or should be your first step. Good Luck!

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