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 acne scars?
what home remidies actually work for acne scars???...

 how can i stop oily skin!!
wenever i walk in the sun for like 15-20min my face starts to shine especially my nose im ok with sweating but the shiny face part i hate. have any solutions?...

 Does clear nail polish get rid of warts?
I know its disgusting but...i have a wart on my hand. I tried to freeze it off with two different brands but it didnt work. I herd clear nail polish works..so does anybody know if that acctually ...

 What is the cause of pyoderma(skin infection) and how can it be treated and cured?

Additional Details
My 4 yr old has got it on his face.Can it be due to the hot climate or is it contagious and viral. His eyes are also puffy and swollen.I am applying sandalwood paste ...

 I had ringworm and now have white scar spots ?
I had ringworm and treated it with. It is gone except for white marks on my skin. The white marks feel smooth and you cannot notice them when touched. However they are a lighter complexion than my ...

 if i put lime juice on my acne scars to fade them, do i have to go in the sun for it to work?
i didn't have lemons so i put fresh squeezed lime juice on my scars...

for them to fade, do i have to go into the sun with the lime juice on my face?...

 What's up with my red cheeks?
I'm 18 and when i was in the 3rd grade i ate a spicy flavored bag of potato chips for the first time and then i realized i got a rash from it i had little small red dots all over my skin and the ...

 Is threading very painful? Please help! First time!?
I'm 18. I have never got my eyebrows done..I'm kinda scared of threading as I heard it pains a lot. And on the other hand, my skin is very sensitive and I'm afraid that it will turn ...

 plz help me out,is there any cure for vitiligo .is there any way out of it its very imp to know plz help me ?
is there any cure for vitiligo?plz plz plz help me out,i need to get an answer.its the matter of my life....

 i have bad acne and i want to get rid of in within two weeks.... can someone give me some suggestions?
hello, i am 15 years old with not horribly bad acne, but just bad acne and i need to know if proactive will help get rid of it within a week.....also how long does it usualy take for the refining ...

 how to get rid of acne?
does proactive work or i dont know i just want to get rid of ...

 I recently used self tanner and discovered I had hundreds of little white bumps I didn't know I had.?
These little bumps have always been itchy at times, I have even clipped them or sprayed a freezing solution on them. I have hypothyroidism and plan to try virgin coconut oil to see if they will go ...

 Facial Hyperhidrosis! Need help!?
I've had severe facial hyperhidrosis since i was 17 and didn't really know about it until around the age of 21. I would go to the dermotologist but i already know what they would say. E...

Does it really work in the long run? and once you stop using it will it come back?
has anyone expirenced any bad side affects?...

 what is the white dot that u get under ur fingernail?
i have never known what it was, or what caused ...

 How to maintain luscious healthy lips?
Mine is so dry and chafed. I've been taking vitamin C since dry lips means lack of it. What else should I do?...

 why do i sometime feel that there is something crawling and itching me when i dont have lice and dont do drugs
it feels like there is something in my hair when i know there isnt and on my arms i get a crawling sensation....why is this?...

 How can you remove stretch marks?

 I have chicken bumps. ?
Any ideas on how to treat them or less visable?
Additional Details
What kind of bodywash would work the best?...

 I hate my skin!!! Several imperfections, can you please help?
I had pityriasis rosea, which is a rash that looks like small cigarette burns, doctors believe it is from some sort of virus, but are not certain. Anyways, I itched them, dumb idea, and now have ...

If I'm black, why are the palms of my hands white? And why don't white people have have black palms?
And why don't white people have have black palms?

Bill J
Black people arent actually black, they just tan easier. If you put your palms in direct sunlight, they will turn black as well. Im lightskinded, and i have orange palms

All those years of picking cotton

Interesting question - with some moronic anwers so far. Maybe palms are just meant to be pale, in which case your question would be like asking why are my eyes white, tongue pink, teeth white etc - i.e. palm colour is pretty much standard across races just like teeth, nails, tongue etc.

If you look at pigmentation in animals in general, surfaces that are exposed directly to sun tend to have the most pigment, and surfaces that are not exposed to sun have little or no pigment. The only purpose of pigment is to protect skin cells from sun damage, which is not much of a risk on the palms or soles of the feet. So neither white nor black people benefit from pigment on their palms or soles. For some reason, natural selection seems to quickly weed out unneeded pigment - that's why most things that live in caves are albino.

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