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 Is there a cosmetic procedure for removing skin moles?
I have about 20 on my back and would love to remove them. Can I get them all removed ?...

 Are there any ways to remove sebaceous cyst on scalp (keratin, ipidermal) without operation (surgery)?
This cyst now almost the size of a golf ball and located just above the ear, it has been there for morethan 25 years, what is the safest way to remove it?...

 Sunburn help?
My daughter and her boyfriend ( who is albino except for blue eyes he has NO pigment). are in Florida and even after appling sunscreen 50 every hour he has gotten a severe sunburn. What are so good ...

 Why is it that some people bruise so easily???
Both my 2yo boy bruise really easily!! They look like someone has beaten them up, but all they have done is fall over!! lol

My man bruises easily as well. You could tap him on the shoulder ...

 anyone know why elderly people get RED SKIN on their legs?
my husbands grandma showed us her legs today and from the calf down to her ankles, they are red and tender, and pretty blotchy
shes waiting for a specialist appointment, she also has diabetes, ...

 black heads on my body?
i have a few black heads on my body. can anyone recommend a way to get rid of them. anyone had this problem and found a certain cream worked etc?
i use to have alot on my face but they have ...

 Acne on my face ?
OK i have like a red scab from popping a pimple and without scaring my face how could i make it go away ? i have it on my chest and back too, how could i do my chest and back ? IM more worried bout ...

 Is there anything to prevent poison oak outbreaks?

 Rosacea help!?
People who have rosacea:

I have rosacea. What skin products do you use? Chemicals such as fragrance, alcohol, methol etc are bad for rosacea, so which one do you use? What's your ...

 Is Proactive the only solution?
Is there any other acne medication that can do what proactive does but more affordable?
I stoped using proactive for about 2 months and tried Clean and Clean, Aveeno and didn't work. I ...

 skin problem, red spots, stress, immune system?
I have some sort of skin problem. It looks like ezchema but not scabby more of red blotchyness. my blood shows no allergys and i do not have scabies as that was the second thought my doctor had. I ...

 i heard of doctors restoring eyebrows is this true? any recommendations?

 clear skin?
what are some good ideas to get clear skin, especially chest and back??...

 Is it normal for a 16 year old male to have acne?

 finger/nail problem help, please, pretty desperate!?
I am a pianist and I practice anywhere from 2-6 hours a day. well, my flesh is splitting away from my nails, it's creating a pink line, it's not bleeding. but hurts real bad. it's ...

 I think i'm suffering from a skin condition on my face called Perioral dermatitis.?
i've been suffering from this skin condition for about three-four months now. Some of the rash has disappered from my face, but it still hasn't completely gone. Does anyone know anything ...

 what is the best way to get rid of acne in 2 weeks?
are there any remedies that i can use to get rid of acne in 2 ...

 How do you stop inching in the winter for dry skin.?

 After using many store brands...we can not get rid of head lice.Sheets have been bleached etc. HELP!!!!!!!?
Any home remedies out there that work, would really be appreciated!!!!!!!!!!...

 What can you do to get rid of a heat rash quick as possible?
ive been putting ice on it. But I don't know if thats ok to do or what.....

britnie s
I have tiny indents on my nails. What does that mean?

It depends on which direction they run in.

If it's horizontal to the normal vertical striations then it's probably because of a slight nutrition deficit. Not sure what you're missing though. :3

This sounds like you have "pitting" of the nail plate. This is most commonly asscoaiated with people who have Psoriasis, although many people do have "pitting" and there is no actual cause for it. Just under your cuticle at the base of your nail you have a "Matrix" which contains memory cells, these cells remember trauma and damage to your nails and so your nails can often continue to grow with the same damage eg: pitting, tears, breaks, etc. and there can be nothing done to cure this.

To minimise the appearance of the Pitting you can use a block buff or white block to gently buff the pits out and smooth your nail plate.

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