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I have dry skin on my face how do i get rid of it?
I have dry red skin on the outside of my eyes, under my lips and between my nose and lips. What product/s should i use? I use foundation type makeup most days, and when i apply E45 Lotion it stings badly. I don't really want to put vaseline on my face cause its really shiny and greasy. Is there any other cheap-ish products i can use?

Patrick S
I would just peel it off.

Find a moisturizer that can be used on sensitive skin. try a drug store.

Kick Um Kate
The first thing you do is exfoliate then when you are done use a good tonic lotion and use a good face moisture's not a body cream use face cream only but first remove all the dry skin first and be gentle keep face soft and moisturizer daily good question sweaty it good to take care of your skin you will be very happy as you get older take it from experience KM

I've found that cheap lotions don't help with really dry skin. For years i'd buy some of the cheaper stuff, $4 a bottle or less.. I recently began buying the more expensive brands from the drug stores Nutrogena etc.. I couldn't believe how much better they work. They actually seem to last longer also because you don't have to use as much as the cheap, water based lotions. Be sure to clean your face with something with moisturizer (Dove) at bedtime and apply a generous amount of lotion or vasoline at night, during the day you can use something lighter like Nutrogena. As far as make up you can look for products that cater to dry skin, stay away from the powders.. you might want an oil based liquid foundation. If you have dry skin to the point of red spots you should try Cordizone. You apply twice a day on affected areas for up to two weeks. My son gets red cracked looking spots and usually the Cordizone clears it right up. If this is a continual problem you may want to seek your medical providers assistance for a perscription product.

Michael O
You could go to your local chemist and ask. My dads a doctor, he gets stuff like Cetraben emollient cream, Or Dermol cream, you can get them in little tubes so i don't think they are that expensive.

Hon, you can try cetaphil dry skin moisturizing lotion and sensitive skin cleanser by galderma. They run about 10.99 for a 16oz bottle and you can get them at most retail pharmacies or discount stores (target, walmart, walgreens, sam's club, costco, Rite aid, etc). From experience that is the best lotion for sensitive dry skin. Avoid anything with weird additives like the E45 lotions, they are very abrasive and irritating. I hope you find relief soon...Good luck!

Cocoa Butter!!! It works great for dry skin (the areas you are talking about), and scars.

When you get out of the tub, before you dry off, use any body lotion and let it dry while you comb your hair then do your make up.

Apply a Vitamin E Oil/lotion to your face before bed as well so it heals while you sleep.

If you read the ingredient lists, the $0.99 bottle of lotion and the $20.00 bottle of lotion are 99% the same damn thing...

Just use them at the right times and you should be fine.

Well, if your skin is really dry try using vaseline on your face at night before bed... That way in the AM it won't be shiney or greasy.. Also, make sure you aren't taking too HOT a shower.. Which zaps away moisture... I would switch lotions if it burns... Try something specifically for the face. I use ORIGINS CONSTANT COMFORTER since I have very sensitive skin. It's on the expensive side but, works very, very well. I use CETAPHIL for dry skin to wash daily and in the winter I don't use water I just swipe it off with a soft cloth. It keeps skin clean without stripping moisture. It's available at most drug stores for around $10 and last a long time. I was watching the tv. THE DOCTORS and they did a segment about dry itchy and red skin... The dermatologist did recommend plain VASOLINE to treat dry skin on the face... It's the cheapest thing to use and it works... Just use it before bedtime.. Also, maybe use a tinted moisturizer to give even more moisture... I also lke the GARNIER FRUCTIS moisturizer products they work well and aren't expensive...

Good luck

Try using a small amount of OTC hydro-cortisone lotion. It isn't expensive at all. Around 2-4 dollars. Don't use too much though. (sounds a little like eczema) Good luck!

You should apply a cream to your face, it is thicker than lotion. A really good place I buy from is Yves Rocher. They are fairly cheap and use mostly natural products like plant and root extracts. I have gone years trying to stop the sting, balance the oil vs. dry and itching irritation that comes along with it. I can't think of anything other than apply a light layer of olive oil at night. If you really want to go out there, break open a capsule of stinky omega 3 fish oils and apply a thin layer to your dry regions of your face. lol Bedtime is always a nice time for the cells to regenerate. Load up on the cream!

Zinc, uncooked white of eggs and camomile are others good for hydrating skin.

OLIVE OIL WORKS WONDERS! I use it on my face. Its so soft and it absorbes good. Try it, you will love it. You can also use it for your body in the bath tub and your hair as a conditioner.

mace shantelle* :]
Vaseline really does help alot though.

If you don't want to wear it when you go out somewhere thats fine..But what you can do is this..
As soon as you get out of the shower don't dry your face, immediatly apply the vaseline on it and wear it for a couple of hours or while your getting ready and before you leave just wash it off.

Also before you go to bed at night when your washing off your makeup get your whole face wet again and apply the vaseline on it again and wear it to bed. But make sure you take your pillow cover off or put a towel around your pillow so you don't get the grease everywhere.

Just do this for about a week to two weeks and it should help.


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