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 dandruff problems?
can any one plz tell a method that works for removing dandruff.
i have tried all kinds of shampoos head and shoulders ,, clinic all clear etc but nothing ...

 what's the quickest remedy for a tea-burned tongue?

 What is a good cleaning product for face and back acne?
My grandaugther is 14 and has a little acne on her face. She actually has it worse on her back. Since it's halter top weather, what's a product I could get for her to help clear this up the ...

 Will I break out again if I stop taking Accutane for one month and then continue to afterwards?
Will I break out again if I stop taking Accutane for one month and then continue to afterwards?

I missed the seven day window to attain it from the pharmacist because I was too busy. Now I ...

 how shall i remove facial warts? they are hundreds of them?

 If you are bittin by a common spider found in homes...?
can it cause small red blister like bumps that spread?
Additional Details
Well longview, Ive never seen any posionous or threatning looking spiders in my house. The bumps may not have ...

 I 2 have suffered for the past 5yrs with abcesses under both armpits and my groin, i need help'?
5 yrs i've suffered with these i had both armpits operated on bk in April but it's mad no difference 4 1 of them it's scarred & now it has 2 holes in it like it's rotting away ...

 Why does it hurt when you put lotion on extremely dry skin?

Additional Details
if you're going to put an answer such as "I don't know" than why answer the question?...

 do i have mrsa/staph??
i have these little red, white pimple like things under my arm...not like in the armpit but lower and a little to the left. a couple of them look liekt hey are drying up, but there are liek 4 others ...

 What are the best (and non-expensive) products or routines for acne?
I am almost 30, and have had a problem with acne since I was a young teenager. It's never been severe, and has been mostly masked because I have freckles. It's gotten better the older I�...

 sty (conjunctivitis)?
i have been continuously getting stys (conjunctivitis). like one day i got it and it went away after a few days then i got it in the other eye after another few days. and this has repeated for the ...

 Itchy Scalp??
I have a itchy scalp and nothing is working. I love taking showers but after a while large yellow spots started appering on the top of my head! what do I do!...

 Is there such a thing as sun allergy??
Recently I have lots of white pimples on my arms and they came out once spring hit. Now when i am out too long ( more than 2 hours) in the sun, they itch like crazy!!! I was wondering if there is ...

 Give me your home remedy ideas so we can all read them.?
Here are some of mine:
Extra Virgin Olive oil is one of the best lotions for dry skin around. Especially for the face.
For Mosquito bites rub lime juice on them and the itach and bit go ...

 HELP! severly dehydrated skin. I think?
a day at the beach has left my face loose.i can pinch and roll all my skin. NO ELASTISITY whatsoever+skin between my nose and top lip has sunken inwards .any suggestions please before i go and waste ...

 what is the most sensitve part of a mans body?

 What do you do about...?
body acne?... =-(
And to Elaine... I've moved recently and I have bunches of family stuff, and work stuff, and school stuff... =-( I'm usually on Yahoo! Messenger, though. =-)...

 How can i get clear skin within the next cupple days, without buying a new product?

 My son has alopecia areata. Does anyone know of any solutions to help with the condition?
My four year old has alopecia. I'm not sure why, but now he has bald spots on his head, and I'm searching for solutions. Does anyone know of anything that could help? Some medicine that you ...

 Can Skin Shrink Back?
after amount of time when i am young like 16 ?...

I have a HUGE zit on the tip of my nose, it's like... under the skin!?
Okay, so yesterday morning I woke-up for school and my nose was sore and I could see it was bigger by just opening my eyes. I went to the bathroom and took a shower and when I got home from school it was even bigger and more red.

I squeezed it and some whitish yellow stuff shot out with some pus and blood onto the mirror and counter.

I've re-squeezed it 3 times and after each time, I've applied some astringent.

It's small now, but it's kind of scabbed over and still red.

Anyone have similar experiences; any tips?


all zits above the corners of the mouth are potentially hazardous, and should not be squeezed. Squeezing them can precipitate a deadly condition (fortunately rare) called cavernous sinus thrombosis, in which a blood clot forms at the base of the brain, and becomes infected. Stop squeezing, and see a doc. You probably need a few days of antibiotics.

Steve C
i had a similar problem, though not as major.
i put toothpaste on it, and in about a week, it went away; no zit, nothing. clear. =D

Yes, those zits are very painful and very large. Of course my tip is to NOT squeeze the stuff out of them because that makes it more susceptible to becoming infected or filling up with pus again. Also it can leave a mark for up to a year. It's best to leave those zits alone, as much as they hurt and unattractive we think they might be.

Tiffany B
ive had plent of pimple many things work for different people from toothpaste to stridex pads. if you dont have acne i would worry to much abou the problem, you could be getting this from stress or or maybe you touched your face when you hands were dirty. for a zit i would recomend leaving toothpaste on it for about thirty minuted and washed it off with warm water and see if it works in the morning if not it should clear in a couple of days

its an assist...ive had one for 4 months hahaha it looks like i have a unibrow. =[

That happened to me last week, on my chin. Just put a hot cloth on it. That's all I could do, then wash it.

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