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 Omg please please PLEASE HELP?
I am going on holiday tomorrow and i have 4 red blotches on my nose, they look disgusting

I need advice on how to get rid of them overnight? any home remidys that work? I cant go out now ...

 can you have a bath or shower when you've got chicken pox?
my son woke up with them this morning,he's not very happy....

 if my belly button is infected, what do i do?
i cant go to the docter.
and im freaking out.
what do i do?


 what can i do about my acne?
i've treated my acne with stridex and it works great but i have like red spots from where my acne has been and i still have a couple zits what can i do about them the red spots make me look like ...

 Head lice...Need some answers!?
Okay my niece had Head Lice but, the thing is she still has nits. Now if I go over to her house is there a chance that I will get nits which are eggs will that will turn into Lice? im ...

So today I was outside swimming for about 3 hours and got a really bad sunburn. I know I should of used more sunblock. I have a really bad headache and am hurting really bad. Does anyone have any ...

 What are ways of getting rid of acne?
I have acne one my nose,forehead,few on my left cheek.I used acne-free products,toothpaste,and maybe tried to pop them and wash it with alcohol.And each time some go away,more come in.Some of them ...

 I am scratching my skin off!!!?
Hi. I woke up all itchy this morning. I have been this way for two days, allthough the worst of it is comming today! I have scratched my skin off and bleed in places.

Should I go to school?...

 My friend has yellow hands, why?
She's 14 , 15 in less than a week. Shes not fat, she's heal;thy as far as i know, she's quite fit....

I have like 3 little lumps on one of my elbows and they were quite itchy then i took a shower and put moisturising cream on them and now they don't itch, my mum said it looks like ex-ma and she ...

 What's the best acne treatment?
I'm a 14 year old girl. I just recently am getting major breakouts of acne all over my forehead. I never had acne this bad. I don't know what the problem is or how to treat it. I tried all ...

Ive tried everything Clearasil, neutrogena, proactive nothing is working anyone have any ideas for products diet changes or ...

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 ACNE, I saw my dermatoligist today and she gave me?
differen gel and an antibiotic 100mg and I go back in two months and if that does not work then she will try the Acutain I think she said. Do you think the differen gel and antibiotic will work? I ...

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I was accidently burned by an iron maybe a week or so ago and a thought the mark it left would go away but it's still there how do I get rid of ...

 I've had a blood blister since wednesday and haven't popped it?
will it just go away?
Additional Details
it was a lite purple now it's black??...

 could this mole be cancerous?
sorry, no picture but i have become worried when i noticed a mole on the left side of my neck today...i am fair skinned, and have had the mole all my life and im 18 now...it is raised, and from what ...

 What should I do about my acne?
I am in eleventh grade, and have suffered with acne since eighth grade. I have tried absolutely everything, we've all heard the "I've tried everything" before, but this time, it&#...

 My skin is peeling...horribly! What can I do about it?
I recently had a sunburn maybe 2 weeks ago or so and it was really bad! I got over it but my arms, back and legs are peeling like crazy! Also, part of my chest. I use lotion pretty often but not too ...

 I have very dry skin+i use mousturizer everyday what could i use that works really good???????????????????????
very dry near my eye brows!!!!

help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

I've got a weird blister thing going on downstairs. What could it be and should I go to doctor?
I have this strange blister-like thing at the crease of my inner, upper thigh, near my privates. It is a big bump and the center is red. It looks like it is bleeding, but there is no blood to the touch: it feels like a blister. It doesn't hurt to walk, but it is painful. Is was just wondering if anyone ever heard of anything like this or has any idea what it could be? How long should I wait to go to a doctor?

I'm 20 years-old, female, and a virgin, if that helps.
Additional Details
So, I got it to drain, and the color of the fluid was a strange clear/pinkish/blood colored substance. It kinda shot out too. Sorry for all the information... just thought I would add for reference.

go to an urgent care or gynecologist. you may need antibiotics.

kristen b
Could be as simple as a boil or even though you are a virgin if you have touched or been touched by something someone who has touched another persons infected body part it could very well be something like herpes. Don't wait. Go to the dr now.

Talk Dirty to Me =P
o0 thats difficult to say what it could be i mean it could be anything i know that i sometimes get small red bumps down there but im clean and everything everyones body is different just go see a doctor if its still there for a long while then u shud definitely have a doctor look at it

you sound like you have some kind of infection =best to see your Dr

it might be a boil

It sounds like a "boil"... if it keeps coming back in or around that area, then it might be Hidradenitis Suppurativa. You can check out more info at http://www.hs-usa.org

Sounds like an ingrown hair. Soak in a hot tub, it will come to a head in a few days.

could be a painful canker, which is just like a blister...you should go see a doc and let him tell you more.

Could be an ingrown hair. If you shave there it could be a new hair growing back in. If it hurts to have anything touching it, try putting one of those circular bandaides on it. I would suggest calling your gyno if it gets worse, starts to ooze any other color besides clear or is there for more than 7 days. Good luck!

Let's see the possibilities.
Syphilis chanker
too tight underwear- abrasion. dab it with a q-tip dunked in hydrogen peroxide or campho phenique. If it is still " angry " looking see a doctor after 7 days.

Ashley R
it could be a blister or an infected hair , if it doesnt get any better you might wantto goto the DR. but first try to get the compacted fluids out of it squeez it untill it might pop but if it wont leave it alone and watch it for a lil while longer if gets worse see dr. or it can b boil

Tom M
It is probably an infected hair follicle , bascially an ingrown hair. Just put warm compresses on it and clean with soap and water. It should resolve soon.

If I were you, the first thing Monday morning I would be at my doctor's office or if you can't get in that day at least make a call for an appointment.

yes. if you use public toilets and you get a blister you should go see the doctor. its probley staff so yes go soon. but if you never use public toilets then i dont know why it would be staff , considering
you a virgin.

Gordon S
sounds like it might be a cyst, you need to get medical attention for it, if it gets infected it could really cause you problems.

Sounds like a boil that could be caused from an ingrown hair. Use an antibacterial soap when you shave your bikini area.

close t
You most likely have what we call an inguinal cyst. While these type cysts can occur anywhere, the inguinal area in common because of the warm semi-moist environment. They are not uncommon and can occur when a hair follicle gets clogged with bacteria inside. Since the follicle is clogged, it cannot drain and the bacteria multiplies thereby causing swelling much like a blister. You need to see a physician as they will most likely incise and drain it. They will probably also take a sample of the contents on a swab to see which bacteria it is. More and more commonly found is staphylococcus aureus commonly referred to as a staph infection. They can be stubborn and require certain antibiotics. The most commonly prescribed medication for community acquired staph is Bactrim. No, that doesn't mean you acquired it from someone, it just means that it came from a source other than a hospital, etc.

Once they incise it (cut it open after numbing it with Lidocaine), they will drain it and usually pack it with a small ribbon like gauze with a small portion of the gauze protruding. That allows the infection to continue to drain until it begins healing.

Again, it is a common occurrance and nothing about which to become alarmed. Just make sure to see a physician or your local clinic or ER. If you ignore it, it will most likely get worse and the pain will intensify.

Good luck!

Wren )O(
I second (or third) the infected hair follicle. Warm compresses or baths will help draw it out. Keep the area clean and give it a few days. It will most likely resolve itself. Oh, and avoid tight jeans or pants for a while.

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