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2 days ago I was outside playing golf.
I sweat a lot so I wiped my face with a not-so-clean handkerchief repeatedly.
That night my face started swelling.
So far I visited two doctors.<...

Yvette S
I'm breaking out in a rash all over my face and neck! What do I do? HELP!?
Well, I've already had the chicken pox, but can one get it again? I've never had the measles or mumps in my life, so how can I tell what it is? How do I cure this terrible itching and inflammation in my face and neck? It's spreading by the minute!!!!!!! HELPPPP!!!!!!

See a doctor.

sounds like it could be an allergy to something.. Try taking an antihistamine and see if that works.. Clariton D works good for me..

C K Platypus
Take some BENADRYL quick!

Then go to the Dr! Rashes on your face and neck could be dangerous.

If you start having trouble breathing or feel your throat swelling, go to the ER.

Knowledgewise J
It may only be an allergic response in witch case anything with antihistimine would help. Calamine lotion or gold bond will help with the itching. if worsens see a doctor asap!

brian h
is it painful be cause if it is than its shingles and its caused by low immunity and it only attacks to the mid line of your body if it is shingles stay away from sugar it shuts down your immune system and can make it worse

stephen z
Go & see a dermitoligst

~~*Paradise Dreams*~~
you may be allergic to something..take a benadryl (if you aren't allergic to it) and go from there, it should stop the itching and inflammation.

Go to a Doctor and see if it is anything serious.You could also have an allergy, but could be anything. Check with your Doctor, ASAP.

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