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 Why did I breakout a few months after taking Accutane?
I finished taking Accutane at the end of May (i have been taking it for about 5 months) and my skin has been clear and perfect ever since. However, just last week I broke out for the 1st time ever. T...

 Do you check the expiration date on your suntan lotion?
I used a suntan lotion which had expired and turned out I got dermatitis of the skin because of it. That was the testing diagnosis.

Do you check for these expiration dates, if you do not ...

 my upper arms are really lumpy and gross [picture included]?
all my life i have had this weird thing with my arms. i have loads and loads of clear lumps on my upper arms and some are red and some are white. what is it? sometimes it gets uncontrollably itchy ...

 What do these white marks on my finger nails mean?
I've always wondered this since I first got them... Do they mean something?...

 Boils, please help...?
I have boils that keep coming back in my special area down there, they are kinda close to my butt. They seem to always be there just like once a month they pop up and get sore, sometimes they get as ...

 Best Way To Get Rid Of A Zit Overnight?
I have pictures tomorrow and this monster zit just popped up! :( best way to get rid of it overnight?! home remedies?!?...

 how to get rid of Saggy skin?
My boyfriend has this self image problem. He use to weigh close to 300 lbs as a child, and now he has saggy skin on his stomach. He does crunches and sit ups every day, and he is eating healthy, but ...

 What causes the bags under my (anyone's) eyes?
I'm looking for something on the biological level: I want to know what precisely causes this phenomenon. I've read answers like "lay off the caffeine" and I'm quite ...

 How do i get clear skin?
I dont have acne but a few little spots on my chin! im starting to drink plenty of water!
Additional Details
Im 15 btw!...

 What is a good acne product for the face?
But, i have a slight problem i have a medical condition and i take prednisone and it gives me acne so i need something that will make my face clear but not make my skin red or itchy at the same time ...

 Natural Cure for Breast Stretch Marks?
I am 17 years old, am a 36DD bra size, and I have a problem with stretch marks and my breast sagging without a under-wire bra. Does anyone have a balm, lotion, salve, or something I could buy from W...

 How do I clear up this acne? (Picture)?
Alright so I'm 16, going on 17. A couple of months back my face was completely clear. One day after I returned home, I noticed there had been a zit which formed on my jaw line. So I popped it. <...

 Medical treatment for toenail falling off...?
I stubbed my big toe at the end of August. The nail is falling off. My question is, do I keep the old nail on my toe to protect the nail bed? I have not taken it off yet as I think it is still ...

 My warts keep coming back bigger! I have had one removed twice and it came back AGAIN. What's up with this?
I have a wart right under my lip, I have already gone to the Dermatologist and had it burned off (where it turns into a scab) TWICE! The first time it was this tinnyyy thing, and then it got bigger ...

 Good Acne Kit Systems or good product combinations?
My face calmed down with acne during my senior year, but now that I started working again my skin has been getting worse everday. I tend to sweat alot during work and I do get a little dirty every ...

 I have Post Acne Marks, anything to help them fade away ?
Unfortunately I have acne, but my face has got waaay better than what it was when i was younger. I have the marks and scars left on my face from them though. Any good home remedy tips i can try to ...

 What are the spots around my eyes?
I just noticed the other day while doing my makeup, that under my eyes, there are these yellowish/tan spots. I don't have freckles or anything like that, so I don't know what they are.

 I have a wart that worries me?
I have a wart on my stomach and the top is fuzzy.
Not hair but the same color as the wart. Flesh colored.
My concern is could it be cancer.
Additional Details
I would like to ...

 get rid of these white bumps under my skin?
i have white bumps under my skin....they don't have a head and there skin color. any one know how to get rid of them?...

 Teenage stretch marks?
I a fourteen and I was about 12 when my stretch marks appeared. I am not fat and I am average height and size. All of my friends don't have them and can go out in shorts and bikini's ...

Scene Girl <3
How to get rid of HyperPigmentation?? Home remedies?
I have hyperpigmentation on my neck and underarms how can i get rid of it??? Is there a really good product for it?? Home remedies would be good too.
I need to get rid of it for my friends wedding in 3 weeks


Mechanical: Mechanical methods work best when the pigmentation is recent and superficial. Those who don’t exfoliate their skin on a regular basis will also see good results. There are various derma-abrasion kits available in your local pharmacy that could help gently exfoliate the area. Micro-derma abrasion cloths are also a good option as they remove dead skin cells very gently. Exfoliating encourages skin cell turnover ensuring that fresher and more even toned skin surfaces. However, one needs to be careful when exfoliating because over exfoliation or over zealous use of mechanical methods can actually increase the darkness of blemishes.

Skin peels: Peels work to invisibly remove the “glue” that holds the surface skin together and encourages exfoliation without any need for mechanical interference. Peels used to be administered at a doctor’s office and some strong peels are still only available to medical or aesthetic specialists. Nowadays there are various kinds of peels available online and even at low concentrations over the counter. The right choice of peel depend on the nature of the problem, the depth of pigmentation and the general health of the skin. Certain peels can go as deep as the dermis (deepest layer of the skin) to lighten skin from the inside out. Certain peels along with their exfoliating capabilities also target abnormal pigment cells and work to uniform skin tone.

Skin Lightening Agents: Skin lightening agents penetrate the skin to destroy extra melanin and give skin an appearance of being even toned. There are various skin lightening agents identified by scientists and herbalists and many of them work very well on skin blemishes. Different skin whitening agents have different modes of action. Some work to destroy melanin, some work to prevent the transfer of melanin from the deepest layer of the skin to the surface, still others interfere with the actual production of melanin. There are a few chemical agents actually destroy the melanin creating cells called melanocytes. These should never be used for skin blemishes unless one has depigmentation problems. The best methods entail the use of herbal or natural skin lighteners that are used in a combination so as to affect the whole production cycle of melanin.

A combination of the right peel or exfoliation combined with the right combination of skin lightening agents can effectively lighten even the toughest pigment spots.

Treatments for hyperpigmentation include:

-Retin-A (retinoic acid)

-kojic acid

-azelaic acid.
The combination of hydroquinone, Retin-A, and a cortisone is associated with the noted Philadelphia dermatologist Albert Kligman, and is referred to as the Kligman formula.
This might explain the "formula" part but not the "R," whereas Retina-A has the "R" but not the "formula."

There also is this brand called 302 that treats it a little. (this is just an at home product, you'll find it on ebay.

Good luck. =]

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