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 What do bedbug bites look like and what are the symptoms?
I have occasionally a red bump found on my body. 3 weeks ago it was on my thigh, a week ago it was on my face, and now it's on my back. It is red and like a pimple but does not have puss. It ...

 HELP. what cures a smelly scalp?
my scalp will give off a certain smell very often even after i take a shower that day. its not a very good smell and its not my hair because my hair will smell like the shampoo. i notice other people ...

 i have white toes on my big toe and one of the white spots is peeling?

 Stop blushing in front of people?
It happened in one art lesson, at the first week of term. I was happily getting on with my work untill i blushed randomly after the teacher told me to stop talking. I had only blushed twice in my ...

 what do you think about this product, please?


is it good for acne ??

Well it treat them you think


 How do i cure a stye ?
i have a stye and it feels like its bruised i tried the "hot rag" treatment and it showed little improvement but school is tomorrow and i dont want this to be on me....

 How to get rid of acne?
If you have had this problem before and now got it treated, can you give me some advice how to solve this problem. Preferably to solve it naturally, within inside of the body.

I heard ...

 Does birth control really work to get rid of acne?
I am 14 years old and I usually just get blackheads or whiteheads but all of a sudden I got a huge nodule on my nose. I heard that birth control helps get rid of acne and I am wondering if that is ...

 Rash all over body (sides,chest,neck)?
Okay so a few days ago I went to the lake with my parents and swamm in the water for the majority of the time we were there and then I went to the lake again the next day I'm 15 years old. And ...

 Why do I wake up EXTREMELY itchy in the morning?
I wake up every morning with little bumps all over me that itch very very bad. Theyre all over my wrist, shoulders, back, butt, legs, sides. every part of my body. Sometimes i get ichy throughout the ...

 If I'm black, why are the palms of my hands white? And why don't white people have have black palms?
And why don't white people have have black palms?...


 How do I get rid of eye bags?
A way that is safe and natural would be a preferred answer. Besides sleep, what other things could a person do in order to remove them? (w/o plastic surgery, botox or any other way that is not ...

 can you develope petechiae due to crying?
i heard vomitting and coughing could give you petechiae, what about crying?...

 Pericing while on Antibiotics?
I was supposed to get my naval pierced this weekend, before going to Massachusetts for the holidays. Unfortunately I was recently put onto antibiotics for a sinus infection.

I don't ...

 Painfull blisters on the instep and bottom of my foot......very itchy..feeling skin?
Is this dangerous? At first about 4 years ago..I would have an outbreak about every 6 months. Now Im getting them all the time. I have no insurance...so going to the doctor is very finantially hard ...

 Athletes foot?
I have tried Tinactin and Lotrimin and nothing seems to work. Any other ways to cure it that you know of? Thanks. =]...

 Is it possible to have a permanent tan?
Okay, so over the past years i've spent alot of time outdoors withtout sunscreen/sunblock and i ended up getting a dark tan on my face and arms.

But my shoulders, legs and the rest ...

 I have these small red colorations on my skin???
They are veryyyy small like 1mm but they are on numerous places on my body (like arm, chest, leg, about 7 that i have noticed) and they are permanent (like one has been there for a year) and it'...

 i have developed a very sore eyebrow...i dont know why but, it feels like its on the skin and its so painful!?
i have a very sore eyebrow, (my right brow)actually, its not really sore, its more painful! like someone is stabbing it with needles!!! i dont know why but, you do not understand how much im in ...

How do you know when a wart is completely killed?
I have a wart on my hand and I used an over the counter treatment. How do I know if I killed it? When I kill it will the other warts dissapear also?

If the treatment has been effective, the wart should drop off within a few days, or you may need to use the medication a couple of times before this happens.

The inner core of the wart must be destroyed, either through the use of topical medicine, freezing, excising (cutting) or laser. If the core is not destroyed or removed completely, then the wart will grow back and the entire process must be started again. What you are probably looking at, when seeing a "smaller wart" is the core. If this area of skin has line interruption (the lines of your fingerprint do not travel across this part of the skin), then you probably have not killed or removed the wart completely. The number of treatments required to remove a wart depends on its location; the more difficult areas are the feet because the skin is thicker and tends to be rather tough. In addition, the pressure on the bottom of the feet tend to push the wart into the skin. If your wart is a standard, garden-variety style and it appears to have not gone away, then a second treatment may be in order. It is important not to self-infect yourself, i.e., keep the wart covered and do not touch other areas of your body with the affected area(s). Remember to wash your hand frequently so as to not spread warts to other areas.

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