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 What is a good medicine for healing mosquito bites ???

 Why are my ears so dry and itchy?

The inside of my ear is itchy and the skin is flaking off! I don't know why. I've washed it with warm water and anti-biological soap, but it still itchy and lots of white flake is ...

 Can You Get The Chicken Pox Twice - Within 2 Months??
I basically just got over the chicken pox, all scabs have falling off, and heeled.
I now look like I am starting to get them again!! I have the same Chickenpox *blisters* coming up over my legs, ...

 smelly ........................?
in my life i have had sooooo many pairs of dolly shoes its unreal..the problem is they always start to smell a few weeks after ive had them...i wash my feet everyday and i have even have put somthing ...

 How can I remove dandruff from my head ?

 Really wierd white skin on my foot?! (with nasty pic)?
ive got some white skin on my foot which only appeared recently and is really worrying me.
I like to think i've got good personal hygeine, i shower every day etc?


 What is the easiest way to get rid of athlete's foot?
Would hydrocortizone cream work?...

 Gluten & Acne?
are the 2 connected in any way?...

 How do I get rid of dandruff?
It's so gross and annoying! I've tried head&shoulders +so many other shampoos for it they work for a little while, but then it gets worse HELP!...

 Hey has anybody heard of Rescue Oil? Does it really work on scars?
i no it's cheap but some times the cheapest things actually do work.
please answer this question
many ...

 pee..helps acne?
so i heard if you clean your face with pee it helps your acne..is that true?? and how often you have to do that for..
Additional Details
im not going to put pee on my face...i was just ...

 good with skin anyone?
does anyone have any good tips on how to get acne away? ive heard putting tooth paste on it and stuff. does anyone have anything else?...

 How can I get rid of scars?
Since summer is on its way, and quickly might I add, I was wondering if anyone could help me with a predicament. Over the Winter, I got bit by a poisonous spider twice. One on my right thigh and the ...

 Why are *little people* so sensitve about their height?
or lack thereof?...

 Are you supposed to apply serum before or after moisturizer on your face?

Additional Details
lmfao JT!! ;)...

 Dermatologist for Post Acne Spots?
My acne is quite completely gone thanks to Benzoyl Peroxide 10% but now I have little Post-Acne Spots that I wanna delete, so I wanna go to a dermatologist.

Somebody knows what is the ...

 How do I get rid of plantars warts?
A year ago i got a plantars wart due to the used marching shoes my parents got me. Now since that year has passed it has spread to five different places. I have started marching again this year and ...

 How can a guy stop oily/shiny skin?
Ok all the crap i read is for mostly for girls and it talks about make up. Im a teenage guy and my face gets oily during the day. But also i have shiny skin. for example right after i wash my face, ...

 my mum has really bad eczema on her hands and doesn't know how to get rid of it?
My mum has eczema but she has got it really bad on her hands and is always in a lot of pain it cracks and bleeds and her hands are all cut now she can hardly do anything with her hands, the doctor ...

 what are the small white lines about half a CM long on my finger nail doing there?
does it mean i am not eating enough of something or eating too much of something.
i have been eating tuna everyday for lunch recently, could that mean something?...

How do I remove dead skin cells from my face and body?
I tried using a loofah but it kinda hurts. I dont know if I am using it right. Can I use a loofah on my face? If so, what and how should I do it? Also, are there any homemade mixtures to help get rid of dead skin cells?

Beckie B
there are many recipes for body scrub that you can make at home. It is important to either make your own or purchase a scrub to keep the skin healthy. Need to keep the dead skin off. The face need a little lighter maybe softer scrub.

Nice day,

Lisa the Pooh
The best exfoliator is plain old sugar. It takes off the dead skin and is a natural healer.
You can make your own exfoliator with sugar and some essential oil, like almond to moisturize.

Charles L
Just take a nice shower. Using your hands and sponges to scrub ought to be good enough. Shampoo helps too.

es muy awesome
apricot scrubs or other scrubs work great! spend about a minute gently working it over your face with your hands & rinse off. your skin should feel somewhat cool afterward. thats what happens when you get the dead skin cells off. dont do this often. i would say once a week too avoid irritation. & cleanse like normal. your skin will feel soo soft!

I use a mixture of salt (regular or sea ), sugar, small amount of almond oil or olive oil and honey. It removes dead skin, hydrates and helps with acne. The salt helps acne.I have used it for years.

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