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I recently started taking the prescription doxycycline for my skin and it makes me really nauseous in the mornings after I take it. I always just take it with water and usually eat breakfast pretty ...

 What is the odor of burned fingernails?
1. What is the odor of burned fingernails?
2. What is the odor of a chicken feather which is heated/burned?...

 What causes massive wart growth in humans?
Indonesia’s ‘Tree Man’ Comes Home After Treatment

JAKARTA (Reuters) - An Indonesian man dubbed the "tree man" because of gnarled growths on his body has returned from ...

 How to treat bacne?
What is the best way to treat bacne?...

 what are the remedies to improve skin complexion?

 Is there a fungicidal soap?
I have ringworm on my back. It is hot and humid where I live so ringworm is sort of common. I am clean, I shower daily and practice good hygiene. I live alone and can not reach by back to apply ...

 What is the quickest way to get rid of acne?
I have moderate acne and want to get rid of it before school starts which is in less then a month. Do you know how to?...

 getting rid of blackheads?
i need somthing that you know works well and gets rid of blackheads!!...

 do you ever get this tingling/itchy/crawly sensation on your skin?
what is it? it feels like something is crawling across my skin... ):...

 What's the best lotion for dry, broken out winter skin?
My arms and chest are dry, itchy and getting tiny pimple-like bumps on them. What's the best body wash or lotion for this?
Additional Details
I do not have keratosis pilaris. I am ...

 How should i get rid of my acne on my chest and back?
I am in my cousin's wedding on June 2 of this year so less than two months and its a strapless dress. I need a good and fast cure. If anyone knows a good product let me know. I don't ...

 Quickest way of getting rid of spots!?
I've got about 4 spots on my face and I want to get rid of them/make them look better by tomorrow! What's the best way? I've heard toothpaste works but is that true? (btw - don't ...

 how to stop oily skin?
i have really shiney/greasy skin and its really buggin!

today i was walkin to my next class and this boy shouts and me 'do u polish your face?!' and everyone laughed which was so ...

 how do you get rid of dingleberrys?

 how can i remove acne marks from my back and face?

 guys..do you get irritated...?
wen your girl b!tches alot or tickles you alot....

what makes you irritated and what makes you laugh...?

girls what do you hate when guys do it to you and what do you want a guy ...

 What are some ways/tips to staying pale?
Im quite pale, and I would like to know how to stay pale but still going into the sun and outside. I have a few big events coming up in the next few weeks. Im going to be outdoors 95% of the time ...

 Why do red hair girls have freckles?
No disrespect to any red hair girls but I'm just wondering why most of them (as far as I know) have freckles?

I do know that if I expose myself under the sun for a while, I tend to ...

 Why can't I get rid of corns/calluses on my feet?
I've tried the salicyclic acid pads, shaving/clipping them off, they just come back. They aren't painful, just very ugly and tough.

My feet are ugly anyway, the 2nd toe's ...

i want to remove pimples in a day.....how can i....plz tell me easy ways...and i should get all the things needed to remove it in home itself.....plz home made medicine..........

dianne s
How can I order hydroquinone cream 4% without a prescription?
I have looked on www.drugswithnoprescription.com, but they don't have hydroquinone cream 4%. 2% does not work for me.
It's a skin bleaching cream that works great for me....fair skin.
Any site suggestions????

Visit a dermatologist.

you cant my dear....

Try canada drug pharmacy.com.4% hydroquinone(ultraquin) 15g sell 30.11$.This is a international firm can mail to out side usa or canada. that mean not need doctor prescription from usa or canada.They will take care the prescription problems..Topical use drug should not have big problems.For professional ethical reasion,I suggest you closely following the direction of the use of this drug which come with the product.Since you are not under supervise by midical professional any adverse reaction should ask for medical consultation.

Would you really trust a product that you do not have a prescription for when one is required?

I would be afraid of what I actually got from the ILLEGAL source.

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