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 does lemon juice lighten your skin?
does it? if so, how much damage does it do? how long will it take? i have gotten way darker because it's been so hot lately (i guess summer's coming...), so i want to reverse the effect as ...

 Blackheads on my nose!?
How do I get them off! I've tried every blackhead revoval, face washer, clenser, EVERYTHING. How do I get them off?...

 Tiny, deep blackheads on my nose?
My nose is very oily Btw. They are so small and deep you really cannot pop them, and biore strips do not work. Is it possible to actually make HOMEMADE strips? (Like out of paper towel and tape, Lolz?...

 Does Elmer's glue really work to extract blackheads?
I have read that it works just as well as the Biore black head removing strips. Just smear a good layer on the area and wait to dry then peel. Has anybody tried this? I don't want to waste my ...

 belly button?
okay, so there is this liquid coming out of my belly button its clear and it smells bad. it doesnt hurt or itch. what is it?
Additional Details
haha yeah i know this is a weird question ...

 Keratosis Pilaris?
Is keratosis pilaris incurable?...

 What are some clinically proven methods for getting rid of old scars permanently?
I have old scars from last year that I just can't seem to get rid of not even with aloe vera or cocoa butter!...

 Are sunbeds really worse than the sun?
If you use a sunbed not too regularly, just to give a little bit of subtle colour, is it worse than using the sun to do the same thing? Is there anything in sunbeds which is actually more harmful ...

 How can I get rid of a tan I've had for years?
I have this stupid looking half arm, farmers tan thing going on from years and years of wearing t -shirts. Its the only part of my body thats tan and I want to get rid of it. Is there anyway to get ...

 does drinking milk cause acne?
recently my friend, who has a lot of acne told me that drinking milk causes acne, something to do with hormones? is this a myth or should i lay off the ...

 What's the best way to use differin for maximum results?
I want my skin to clear up fast, but permanently. What is the best way to use it?

My doctor said to put it on for 4-5 hours the first week or so then wash it off before bed. I have it on ...

 how do i cure hives without going to the doctor?
ive bean itching my arms and my legs for a while so i think its hives
there are bumps everywhere i itch
how do i cure it without going to the ...

 How to get rid of huge pores?
I've got huge pores on my cheeks. Foundation and loose powder hide them a little, but is there a way to make them tighten?

I heard that the "hot rag on the face makes your pores ...

 how to get rid on nose blackheads?
ive tried many cleansers, but even if my entire face is really clear, i always have blackheads on my nose! i just want a simple thing to do, that will clear my nose!...

 What is the best way to get fiberglass out of your skin?

 scalp psoriasis?
i have psoriasis and the only way i have ever been able to get rid of it was by salt water and sunlight. lately though its all on my scalp and a little on my face and nothing seems to be working, any ...

 Can fat soluble vitamins be absorbed through your skin?
I have bad facial skin. I wanted to try something more natural than putting lotion with vitamins in it. I wanted to get some vitamins and put them directly on my face.

Will they be ...

 Acne Medicine?
Well, I bought this acne medicine and it worked like a charm, clean face! :)

Anyways, should I stop taking it, because I did a day without it and a few pimples popped up. I've been ...

 cold sores?
i have two little, white painful blisters on my lip. could these be cold sores?
Additional Details
i've had them all my life but i usually get the itching/tingly feeling but didn�...

 Really bad eczema that won't go away with medications help?!?
Ok I have had eczema since the age of 13 (am 20 now) I have went to countless dematoligist's & allergists. But no one can help me,they have gaved me pregnazone (these tablets)Elidel (Cream) A...

How can I get rid of cracked dry skin around my nails?
My hands and skin are not dry and i moisturize daily, but the skin right around my finger nails at the end of my fingers is always dry and cracked. I've tried every type of lotion, but it doesn't go away... Any tips?

Loli M
Try Burt's Bees Cuticle cream. Works wonders!!!

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