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 What type of Acne medicine?
what acne medicine works for you?
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Additional Details
im a teenager, with raging hormones!...

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 Need Info. On My AcNe !!!?
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Help - I think I have Frostbite - What do I do?!?
I was out in the snow on Tuesday without a jacket for hours, and I am pretty sure I have frostbite in my hand. My hand feels week, and I get pins & needles when ever I try to clench it or pick something up etc...
I cannot straighten it, it feels all funny..

Does it sound like I have it? If so where do I go? Doctors or Hospital?
Additional Details
Also how do i care for it? People say I cannot make it really hot so do I just kepe it warm?

maybe try putting it in warm or hot water,just to make it cool down...if it is still painful try checking a Doctor.

True frosbite your hands would be turning black and be very painful.

is it blue or purple?

i think you should see You gp and get referred to a hospital doctor

Sarah A
Frostbite occurs when skin tissue and blood vessels are damaged from exposure to temperatures below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. It most commonly affects the toes, fingers, earlobes, chin, cheeks and nose, body parts which are often left uncovered in cold temperatures. Frostbite can occur gradually or rapidly. The speed with which the process progresses depends upon how cold or windy the temperature conditions are and the duration of exposure to those conditions.

Frostbite has three stages of progression:

Frostnip- In this stage, the individual experiences a pins and needles sensation with the skin turning very white and soft. No blistering occurs. This stage produces no permanent damage and may be reversed by soaking in warm water or breathing warm breath on the affected area.

Superficial Frostbite- In this stage, blistering may occur. The skin feels numb, waxy and frozen. Ice crystals form in the skin cells and the rest of the skin remains flexible.

Deep Frostbite- This is the most serious stage of frostbite. In this stage, blood vessels, muscles, tendons, nerves and bone may be frozen. This stage can lead to permanent damage, blood clots and gangrene, in severe cases. No feeling is experienced in the affected area and there is usually no blistering. Serious infection and loss of limbs frequently occurs after frostbite reaches this stage. However, even with deep frostbite, some frozen limbs may be saved if medical attention is obtained as soon as possible.

If, after being in extremely cold conditions, any of the following are experienced, seek emergency care.

* skin swelling

* loss of limb function and absence of pain

* drastic skin color changes

* blisters

* slurred speech

* memory loss

If the patient cannot be transported to a hospital immediately, the following re-warming techniques may help until reaching an emergency facility.

--Bring patient indoors as soon as possible.

--Apply warm towels or immerse the area in circulating lukewarm water for twenty minutes. Hot water should not be used and the area should not be rubbed in any way. If blisters are present, leave them intact.

--Do not hold the affected area near fire since the area may be burned due to the reduced feeling in the area.

--Offer the patient warm coffee or tea, if alert, but never alcohol.

--Keep the affected area raised.

After re-warming, a superficial frostbite will redden and become painful as circulation resumes in the area. Blisters are likely to form within 24 hours.

A deep frostbite injury will remain hard, cool to the touch and may turn blue. Blisters may form and the area can turn black. Skin surrounding the affected area may become swollen and remain swollen for over a month. If gangrene develops, amputation may become necessary.

While a frostbite injury is healing, do the following:

---Avoid infection by leaving any blisters intact.

---Watch for signs of infection such as redness, swelling, fever, oozing pus, and red streaks on skin.

---Take all prescribed medications.

---Do not expose the affected area to cold temperatures until cleared to do so by a physician.

hope this helps x

Rex K
Yrs ago..while caring for livestock on the farm..I froze my hands. They swelled up..were sore..I lost the skin..Finger nails were blue. I finally got over it..but my hands & fingers won't take the cold anymore.

if you are really wooried go to A+E

im pretty sure its not frostbite because your hands wouldve have gotten so cold that you would be ready to cry and then after that you might lose the feeling completely

Shine Cloud
You need to go and see your doctor.

gangadharan nair
Frostbite is injury due to freezing of tissue. Initial presentation may be deceptively benign. Skin may appear white or blistered and is numb; rewarming causes substantial pain. Gangrene may develop. Severely damaged tissue may autoamputate. Treatment is rewarming in warm (40 to 42° C) water and local care. Surgical amputation is occasionally necessary, but a decision, often guided by imaging results, should usually be delayed until definitive demarcation of necrotic (dead) tissue.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frostbite this should put your mind at rest..x

jed slade
Immerse the hand in tepid water for 20 minutes or so,if no improvement see your doctor.

devine diva
i have had frost bite. the ends of your fingers go numb and you lose your sense of touch for a while. with mine i also lost the skin on the ends of my fingertips too, they were very sore and painful
you need to go to the doc and ask them to have a look. its wuite rare to get it unless you have prolonged contact with snow or ice esp if you dont wear gloves.
the doc will give you cream to rub on them, sit with them in warm water of a night and just carry on as normal till you see a doc, but if you go out in the cold wear gloves.
my doc was baffled and asked a second doc for his opinion, it was only when i told them my job that all became clear and it was indeed frostbite.

i was a fishmonger in a supermarket, long before they have the little waterfalls to melt the ice at the end of the day. we had to break it up and carry it off the counter with our hands, dump it over the drain and melt it with a hose pipe. i did this everyday for about 6 months and thats how i got it. the rubber gloves we were given just kept the hands dry and were no protection against the cold!

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