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 would you date a skinny girl with massive stretch marks?
My sister is really pretty and has always been skinny but had a massive growth spurt when she was younger. She's now about 5'9 and a size 4 but has the growth marks to prove it. She can'...

 What type of salve is good for the chaffed area around the anal opening?

ive got orange birthmarks all over my body whats wrong with me?
has anyone else got this condition?

 i have slight eczema on various parts of my face?
i have slight eczema on various parts of my face for example on my eye lids slightly, around my mouth, on my forehead and my cheeks very lightly what can i do to get rid of it, thanks for the ...

 dark skin...inner thighs, and lower butt.?
any home remedy..for lightening dark spots?
give suggestions....

 What causes skin tags?
Are they caused by a virus like warts or is there an entirely different cause? And how do you get rid of them?...

 Stretch marks all over one arm and nowhere else...?
They are really bringing me down. I have long, indented, red stretch marks all down one arm and shoulder, and it looks odd because the other arm is smooth and stretchmark free. They are making me so ...

 Does Laser Skin Resurfacing really work?
I have mild scarring [mainly on my cheeks] and I still break out [lightly] and I'm wanting to have some treatment done to get rid of the scars fast. My dermatologist recommended laser skin ...

 stop sweating and start living???
i have a sweating problem in my armpits and i was looking on google and they have this book called "stop sweating and start living" im only 14 am i to young to use it?? what things in it ...

 What causes moles?
I seem to have loads of moles on me, I have always had alot! I'm quite pale though, does the colour of your skin have any affect on how many you have?...

 i think i have bed bugs !!???
ok so i was trying to go to bed last night and i was itching like crazy i woke up and i had bites all over me mainly on my legs. i went to take a shower and i put my clothes in the sink after i was ...

 Has anyone tried Skinzium to help treat facial eczema?
Unfortunately I just started a new job when this outbreak happened so I can't see a doctor about it b/c I dont have insurance for another 80 days. I believe it is eczema or a dermatitis all over ...

 Why do your fingers shrivel up when you go swimming?

 Do you know of any home remedy for seed warts?

 you know people who are long term depressed or lonely often have change of appearance round the eyes, whats...
going on bodily or physiologically to cause these changes to occur?

heres a picture of a sci fi character, with an exagerated form of the kind of chicken skin pattern on the skin round the ...

 does clean & Clear Advantage work??
im wondering becuz i wanna try it out i want to know ur expiriences with it ..becuz right now im using murad acne complex its a really good product but lately ive been wondering if Clean & Clear ...

 whats something good for blackheads?
this year i started getting black heads and a little pimples whats a good product for SENSITIVE skin?...

 How do you use Apple Cider Vinegar to help acne?
I've heard that Apple Cider Vinegar can reduce acne scars or reduce pores...is this true? And if so, how do you use it-how to apply, what to apply it with, etc. ???...

 Has anyone tried E45 Itch relief cream?
I have some sort of weird itchy skin, It's not eczema, it just really irritates me sometimes *_* Have any of you tried E45 Itch relief cream?

 Red itchy bump onmy thighs, very itchy and painful?
I got wax a week ago, but this time I went to a new salon. Immidiately afterward, I went home and went to Tahoe with friends. 2 days later I used hot tube and I was still fine. But after I came back ...

Face / Skin rash from sushi?
Hi, i have been wondering if anyone thinks/ knows of an ingredient in Salmon and avocado sushi rolls, that would give me a rash on my face ... almost like little pimples under the surface???
I am thinking it could just be the seaweed?!

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carrie ann
it may be the oil in the fish. Avoid it for awhile so that gradually leaves ur system, get some hydro-cortisone cream, over the counter like at walgreens for itching,and minor rashes and use that for a while it should clear up in a few days,

You should go to an allergist before it gets worse

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