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 can you walking for gettingn rid of stuff you dont want to think about?
i walk one mile or less on my lane.... and well the sunshine helps and animals
and the blue skies.......

 Any 13-14 year old girls who have stretch marks...whats your feelings on them.?

 How to pierce ears from infection?
My friend knows how to pierce ears and he is going to do it for me but is there anything i need to use or do to make sure they dont get infected?...

 need some homeremedy for my oily skin !!?
could u guy tell me some homeremedy to take care of my oily skin, i have oily skin, pimple, blackhead
Sorry 4 my bad ...

 ingrown armpit hair?
i have this pimple like bump on my left armpit and i just noticed it today. it hurts a lot. is this ingrown hair or just a pimple or something? i shaved last week and after shaving i felt that same ...

 What shouldn't I eat to get rid of acnes?
I know there is no rule and it is different for everyone, but what are the usual stuff said to cause acne? I know about chocolate and oily seeds for example....

 does retin-A work well?
I have mild acne, mostly around the chin. I'm getting Retin-a but will it make my skin worse? What if I only use it like every other night? I don't want it to get worse. I know there's ...

 Is using Vaseline on your lips a health risk?
I am currently taking Accutane for my acne, which is working out great, but it is drying my lips out like crazy! I have been told to use Vaseline on my lips, but I am not sure considering it is a ...

 Getting rid of my long-term eye bags?
I think that I have had these eye bags for about 3 years, and I think It's finally the time for them to be gone. As a kid, I never had eye bags. I'm pretty sure it's not due to lack of ...

 poison ivy-EVERYWHERE?
i have poion ivy all over both of my legs, on my face, neck, stomach,chest,and back! any ideas other than useless calmine lotion or a cold shower? it hurts so much from being scratched so often aand ...

 Get rid of an itchy scrotum?
I have a very itchy scrotum espicailly when my underwear rubs against my scrotum. Its really itchy and i feel like scartching the hell out of it. I have checked and there are no visible sign on ...

 How do I get rid of scars on my leg for years?
I had them for years and I'm very mad about it!!!
This scars were actually mosquitoes bites then it become scars!!! Anyone PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wouldn't like it when ...

 How do I get rid of an unwanted tan.?
Ok so I have weird skin, my face and body tan quick but the tan fades very fast if not exposed to sunlight, but my forearms stay tan and never whiten but turn this nasty light brown color which looks ...

 Does Acne Free in 3 Days really work?
i laterally tried everything to get rid of my back acne but Acne Free in 3 Days. Does this work? what do you have to do? have you ever done it? i desperately need your help and opinion on this ...

 Antibiotics against acne?
i have pretty bad acne on my face, minor acne on my chest, and really bad acne on my upper back. i developed acne on my back about 2 years ago, and at first it was not that bad. now it is really bad, ...

 Hydro Facial??
I was just watching ABC7 eyewitness news at 4.

They were talking about some hydro facial, similar to a facial acid peel but no redness, peeling, or recovery time.

I can't ...

 Why do some zits hurt?
Why do some zits hurt even when I haven't bothered them?...

 My eyeball is red and it has a little bump on it ?
My eyeball is red and it has a little bump on it ?
Yesterday morning I woke up ( I could hardly open my eye ) and the corner of my left eyeball was really red.. then I noticed that there was a ...

 I'm embarrassed to go swimming?
I'm 14.. and i'm chatting with this girl. We were at the pool.. and she asked me to swim. I had football the same day... I made a excuse and said that I was to tired. she wants to go ...

 How do I get rid of Toe Nail Fungus?
I'm scared to take those pills that cure the fungus 'cause I heard It's really bad for the liver. Hey, I could live with toe nail fungus but I can't live without my liver. So, ...

Does scratching your head with your fingernails damage the scalp?
The other day, I happened to scratch my head. My dad told me that doing so would hurt the scalp. Is this true?

there are times when you need to use your Parent Filter.

Whoo Hoo
no, but just in case rub your head instead. Sctraching will only cause you to loose your dead skin cells on your scalp.

If your just scratching softly and not to often, then no, it won't damage your scalp. If your digging in as hard as you can, you probably will damage your scalp.

Well, it can damage your scalp if you scratch too hard. It can cause unwanted hair loss and damage to the follicles.

You can lightly stimulate the scalp with your nails while you are washing your hair. Do it just enough to dislodge any dead skin you might have..but not harder than that.

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