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 What to do about acne?
So around June 2008 my skin doctor prescribed me to Retin-A micro and Duac topical gel. I use the duac in the day and Retin-A at night. In July of 2008 my face looked really good and I only had a few ...

 I have Back acne and was wondering if someone had any answer to get rid of it?
I have Back acne and was wondering if someone had any answer to get rid of it?...

 Deep blackheads, removal solutions?
I have incredibly deep blackheads that go across my forehead, down my nose, across my cheeks and all over my chin. I wash my face regularly and I don't squeeze them. Even if I did they wouldn...

 Please look at this picture and tell me what I can do.?
I am 25 years old and have worse acne than i did in highschool. It's embarrassing, annoying, and painful. When i was in college I went to the dermatologist and tried every topical and oral ...

 How can I treat these little dots of acne on my nose?
I have tons of little dots on my nose. I cannot tell whether its whiteheads, blackheads or what not as I have brown skin. I have tried Pro-Activ, Nuetrogena, and clean and clear. None of them have ...

 I have a mole that has a hair that grows from it,is that?
normal or is that a serious issue?And i also have one on my coller bone that has been there since i wa a child and he has grew i can kinda stretch it,is that a problem also?...

 my lips have blistered and gone all chapped and dry!?
The other day I was eating food and a lump appeared on my lip the next day it had gone white it looks a bit like a zit, and my lips are all dry and chapped and ive got blisters along the top inside ...

 Hi i need help maybe a little?
Ok I got a weak stomach and lungs so i went to the doctors they said my stomach is dying and the lungs got a rip so they transplanted my stomach and lungs with a dogs because the don't have any ...

 What are 'Eye Creams' for? And are sun-creams good for asian skin?

 If you have been on accutane what was your experience like?
unfortunately I have been battling acne ever since 5th grade and now I am being put on accutane and trust me I have read and seen and looked up everything possible on it, but I kind of just want ...

 Why do i continue to get poison ivy on my face even when im not around it or in the house?
i have allergies and sensitive ...

 hey i need your advice i have bumps all over both my thighs.. tiny red bumps and on my butt!!!?
HEY , i have these TINY red bumps on the back of my thighs and butt.... i have just noticed them in august and before it felt bigger than now.. they are smaller but i still can feel them.. they don�...

 Is it possible to have both eczema and psoriasis?
I have flaky skin on my forehead and face that won't go away no matter what I do. My chest and neck are red and irritated. I have raised red bumps on my elbow crooks, forearms and triceps. I ...

 Feeling sick,eyes itchy? What do i have?

 does baby oil really kill lice ?
if so, how long do you leave it in your hair ? & any instructions ? thanks(:...

 why does roaccutane cause muscle aches?
im interested in the scientific answer rather that just "it resets your body chemistry". i want to know if its safe to go back to heavy exercise (which makes it worse) and just put up with ...

 How do I get rid of Genetic Dark Circles aorund my eyes?
My mum has these circles as well and im a boy and i inherited them they make me look really bad especially in photos. I sleep 7-8 hours a day and drink plenty of water aswell as excercise and sleep ...

 Excessive Blushing can anything be done?
In certain situations I go really red.

This is not just your usual blushing, all of my chest up to my ears will glow like I have been badly sunburnt. It is quite uncomfortable and can ...

 I have frostbite on my thumb...?
So it's like -30 below where I live, and last night i got stuck outside with some car troubles- Due to my repeated turning of the (metal) key in the ignition, I have what I assume is frostbite ...

 how can i get rid of my huge spot....?
well i had this huge spot and i caught it with my nail n nows it got a huge scab on it and cos i picked it i will get a scarr how can i get rid of it with out going to a shop and buy any creams??????...

Stephanie L
Does honey really help blackheads?
Warm honey and apply to blackheads, wash face after 10-15 minutes.
Anybody have any other good remidies for getting rid of blackheads?

kelly e
I doubt it will help and it has to be raw honey not the kind you pick up at the grocery store.

For black heads on your nose? Use a hot, clean compress.
Repeat (heat the wet compress in micro for double warmth)
push nose gently forward - wash with face wash, toner and use acne cream -
You can try on the cheeks - too it brings them to the surface.
Be gentle though -
A heated mask helps too -

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