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 Acne Moisturizer?
So I went to a dermatologist last week to ask about my acne, he said that it is common during puberty. He told me to use clindamycine and benzoyl peroxide so i did. But it make my skin so dry that it ...

 Where do I apply Head-On?
The box has no descriptions, and the commercial is very vague. I don't want to mess this up. Any suggestions?...

 Why did my skin get darker???
Just wondering cause now my skin is uneven. Those parts of my skin with discolouration were never exposed to the sun ever! Now they also have small dots of a lighter colour. Why is that???

 32 mosquito bites! Ahhh stop the itchingg!?
yes I have 32, possibly less or more mosquito bites.
I am so itchy I could scream.

anybody have some miracle that can help me.

 razor burn?????underarmss...
ohmygosh. i have so much trouble with it. i used to NEVER get it. what do i do? its under my arms. and its all red bumpy after EVERYTIME i shave.
Additional Details
also.... ive heard ...

 I am 15.....Getting quite a lot of spots on my chest....Should i worry?
I have patches of them on my chest under my neck and i am a little worried.
It feels like i should have them, but i am not sure, so what can it be, i have done the spoon test and they fade away.....

 How is the best and safest way to NATURALLY tan?
I want to get a tan, but I don't want to damage my skin. I am not really white, but I dont tan that fast either. Also, I want it to be a real tan not a spray on. T...

 How to treat fungul Infection between thighs?

 My toes are peeling and I don't know why?
I have noticed that all of a sudden the sides and backs of my toes are peeling. Every time I get out of the shower they seem to be peeling more and more. It's kind of gross, and I want to know ...

 how do get rid of scars?
way darker than my skin help i need them gone fast......

 How to get rid of acne marks?
I had this zit on my face and I think it popped or something, because it's basically gone, but there's a litte piece of my skin missing, and the area is red. How do I get rid of the redness?...

 Does toothpaste work?
One of my teachers said that toothpaste gets rid of acne better than most acne creams even, like, overnight. Is this true? If so, what kinds? I tried last night, and it didn't really do anything....

 Daivobet? Psoriasis ointment -has anyone?
My doctor has just prescribed Diavobet Ointment for my psoriasis -particularly bad on my feet. Has anyone used it, and if so , what results did you have?? I am so fed up getting cream after cream, ...

 I really need answers about Accutane?
I'm terrified to take Accutane! But I have tried everything-tetra to retin-A-EVERYTHING! I want children in the near future. I will be 31 if I were to take Accutane and having children is very ...

 I think I have a mole?
I noticed a while ago (a few months) a fatty lump in the mons pubis region (the area below the bikini line) it had a slight blue look and hurt a bit like a spot would when I touched it, so not very ...

 Whats on my toe it hurts?
I have this GROSS green and yellow toe nail and I can not trim it so now I can hardly put on my shoes... It hurts and smells! I can smell it just sitting here! I hate to go to the doctor! Please ...

 How do I get rid of a wrinkled fold upper eyelid?
A few years back, I used to get a wrinkled fold upper eyelid on one eye, and it has always been the same eye. It usually goes away after a few days or so. But I'm having the same problem for ...

I have eczema on my upper thigh, and my arms. It's cold enough to wear long sleeves and jeans to hide these, but it's warming up and I'm going on vacation.... bathing suit time.

 Does Wart & Mole Vanish (WMV) really work?
I have a mole on my stomach. About half a cm raised and a cm in diameter more or less.

Does this Wart & Mole Vanish really work?
I notice it takes a long time to work (15 days or ...

 how do i reduce the redness of a zit?
top says all....

Bailey F
Does baby powder help stinky feet,or is there a better way?
When I'm at cheerleading, my feet start to stink really bad and i need a cheep, easy way to fix it.

Just put some baking soda in your shoe. The odor should go away...it worked for me!!

Frankie Coletta
I use the Arrid XX deoderant in an aerosal can.
It helps alot.

(I use a regular roll on in the pits...lol)

baking soda absorbs odors well and it's like 50 cents a box

can u email me please??

You need to wear COTTON socks, not nylon.
And get some spray made for foot odor.

Haha, do what I do: Buy a can of Arrid Aerosol Deodorant and before you put your socks on, spray your feet. It works like a charm and it's cheap. Your feet stay nice and dry and smell nice too.

Try Gold Bond Powder.

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