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 does the clean and clear black head eraser work with proactive?
does the black head eraser work with proactive or will it make break outs???...

 Can rubbing alcohol help with improving acne?
Anybody have any experiences with this. Good or bad. I know it dries your skin, but as long as you have a good moisturizer than your good. I just want to know what experiences people had with rubbing ...

 i have bumps around my lips, what could they be?
i started to get bumps on my lips last week i have about 5 i don't know if i got them form kissing but there really embarrassing i wanted to find out how to get rid of them fast!...

 Why is there an itch on the inside of my back?
Just a few days ago I've noticed that whenever I cough, or laugh really hard, I get this itching on the inside of the middle of my back. The itch is like underneath of the skin, so I can never ...

 What's the best cure for a sun burn?
I used sunblock but my legs still got burnt, on the backside -_-
So any cures?...

 My skin ID or Proactive?
Have you tried either? & did it work? thanks....

 how to prevent skin blackening in the neck?

 Help i might have allergic reaction to accutane!?
i started taking accutane abot a month ago and it really dried up my face ( i know this is normal) however my acne brok out even more!! like alot and i know that that is normal but i seen it was only ...

 About bed bug infestations?
Can bed bugs live in foam bed padding? Can they live in bedding, or do they mostly live in carpets? Also does keeping the light on at night prevent them from coming out? Can they be drowned if they ...

 Tattoo covers for dark underarms, any other suggestions?
Hi Y!A!

My wedding is in August 2009I Yay! BUT I have REALLY dark armpits due to an allergic reaction to Nair Hair Removal, well they've been dark for years and now I'm really ...

 Lots of tiny red bumps all over me when out in the sun?
Today I went outside and was really nice out so I had my shirt off. After while I noticed these little red bumps all over me(Arms,stomach,back,neck and little face). It got pretty bad and is ...

 why is my right eye itching and kinda red?
well i woke up this morning (just getting over the flu actually), and i woke up my eye was kind of irritating me i had a little bit excess eye boogers so i was just cleaning it off, and my brother ...

 my moms finger is really really super dry and it hurts to bend it !?
she has been putting on any moisturizer she can but its still reallly dry AND it hurts to even just bend it !!! is dat bad ??...

 How to get less wrinkle than it should when you get older ?
I heard two comments on that ,

1. Do facial excercises

2. Be relaxed and avoid stress

which one do you think works?

Thank ...

 Acne help, need some ideas for acne.?
I have had an acne problem since like 12 years old.
im 15 now, when do you think it will go away??
Neither of my parents had it.
Also, what are some home remedies that i can use???

 Generic brand of accutane for my acne?
I just started taking the generic brand of accutane for my acne and will it work the same or is the original accutane better.
Best answer gets 10 ...

 How to get rid of hickey... FAST!!!?
come on guys its and honest question

How do I get rid of a hickey fast??
Anyone got any tips??...

 Can skin rot from parasites? Child has morgellons(doctors here R clueless) skin smells&turning yellowish brown?
Doctors around here don't know much about this so we are learning all we can on our own. My child is in pain all the time and as if the "growths/fiber bugs" weren't bad already ...

 How do you get scars to go away fast?
I have them all over my legs, and I want them to go away before the beginning of summer....

 question about proactive?
so i started breaking out a little bit, and all i have is the renewing cleanser and repairing lotion, not the toner.

if i use both of those.. how long do you think it will take to clear ...

Do lice eggs (nits) grow?
I know a somebody who's been dealing with lice for the past half year. She has long and thick hair, but it's been recently thinned and cut short, in hopes of making the process go easier. She's used Nix, CVS, and Liceadex, but they just keep coming back. She has her hair searched three times a day for eggs. There are often small white dots on her scalp that I used to belive are small lice eggs, and they'd grow to be bigger lice eggs. But there are never as many large as there are small, and if the small grow to be large, there'd be more. So do they grow? Or are there still live lice on her head?
Additional Details
Thank you for all the answers, but the question was, "Do nits grow?", not "What should she do to rid herself of the lice?". Although if you can suggest something that she hasn't tried, that would be very apreciated. :)

i'm hiding tacos in my bed
voldemort is going to rise from the dead!!!!!!!!!! Grab Harry Potter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lice eggs (nits) won't be on the scalp, the nits are on the hair shaft itself. They look like a small white dot, but it won't move easily when you try to remove it like a dandruff flake would.

Those buggers are all over her house, much like flea eggs, that's why she is having such a hard time ridding herself of them. Eggs hatch and the larvae grows and they continue to reproduce.

Sheri Lee
I had lice before but I don't know if they grow. The eggs might hatch though.

Yes. You need to wash your hair with warm water, like shampoo and conditioner. Vacuum the entire place, and put all combs in a sink wiht warm water. :)

This is a horror story. She needs to clean her couches and chairs with the vacuum and lice killing spray. She needs to wash all sheets, blankets, pillows in house then spray with the spray. She needs to vacuum and spray her carpet once a day as well. She needs to comb through her hair once in the morning and once at night with a fine toothed lice comb that you buy separately from any formula box they are like $5. Anyone else in the house or who is a regular should go through the same procedures if need be.

Lice lay eggs. They hatch and make more lice which lay more eggs. If she is treating for lice and they keep coming back, then she is being exposed to someone else who has them or she's not cleaning her bed or house since lice can be on clothing and furniture when moving from place to place. She needs to clean up.

That poor girl. 6 months is a long time to fight a lice problem.
She needs to make sure she washes her sheets and pillowcases, hats, scarves, and jackets every day because she is reinfecting herself.
She also needs to buy a metal nit comb. The metal combs are more effective at pulling the nits and lice off the hair shaft.
Also make sure it isn't dandruff you are seeing on her scalp, The nits stick to the hair shaft and can't be flicked off. Dandruff can be flicked off with your finger.

No, the eggs do not grow. The size that they are laid is the size that they are. In addition, they are cemented to the hair shaft, at approximately the same distance from the scalp, for each egg. Thus, they are not ever on the scalp, per se. It sounds as if she has a different scalp problem, and not lice.

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