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 I have a bruise that has been on my leg for almost a year?
I have a bruise that has been on my leg for almost a year...
dont tell me to go to the doctor, but it is on my shin and I have hit it several times over and over , do you thimk i am reinjuring ...

 what's wrong with my head it's itchy, scabby and dandruffie scalp(its not lice)?
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 I had a tiny quarter of a pea sized little hemorrhoid about an inch inside my anus.?
And it has gone away because I took the following measures of increasing my fiber intake to 20 grams a day, drinking 8 to 12 (8oz) glasses of water a day, never standing or sitting to long, and never ...

 How do you get rid of a zit within hours?
i have a dance recital in one hour!
and i have three zits!

i've been putting alcohol and clean&clear spot treatment on them, what else can i do?...

 i have really bad dandruff i have tried most shampoos?
i think i have a bit of exma is well so were the dandruff irtates my hair and its so sore that i scratch it till it bleeds help !!!!...

 How do I get rid of a sunburn?
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 I have had severe acne, now, I have purple scars everywhere all over my face, terribly! How do I rid of them?

 how can I eliminate dandruf? Head & Shoulders just doesnt work.?
Im male 25yrs old. I've had a dandruf problem ever since I can remember. I thought the problem would stop if I shaved my head, but the problem is actually worse since the dandruff is much more ...

 I have a Weird question-What's the best deoderant (for wetness protection)?
Certain Dri is the best I've found yet, but it seems to not work as well as it once did as when I first starting using it...

Odor is not a problem-overactive sweat glands...wet ...

 How can I get rid of my blackheads?!?
I have a pretty good complexion, aside from my blackheads. They only cover around and on my nose, and they are getting extremely annoying! I have tried several different cleaners, and none ...

 What's the best acne treatment for severe acne?

 What are the symptoms of carbon monoxide posioning? Is there any signs such as skin rashes etc?

 Why is my skin always cold?
My skin has a purple tint to it (I'm very pale skinned, I don't know if that has something to do with it) and is constantly cold... even when I don't feel cold. People don't ...

 Any1 know a good blackhead clearing lotion?
Recently i have started getting loooads of blackheads and pimples, i normaly get a few spots which i am currently on antibiotics for, but I want a good face wash/lotion that wont dry out my skin too ...

 ok i have a small black bump i dont noe what it is is it a acne?
how should i get rid of it help when i press it it doesnt hurt at all so any tips? and i drink lots of water also and take care of my face!!...

 i want to get of my acne. What do i do?
im putting toothpaste on but it doesnt seem to work. What should i do?...

 Is there any amazing methods for Acne?
Please help if you know any , ...

 what's good for acne?
my brother has them all over his face....

 Help me please. I have bad acne?
Hi i am 15 and have very bad acne on my face, neck, back, shoulders, and chest. My skin is always so oily, I can take a shower and get out and 15 minutes later have oily skin again. I have white ...

 how to prevent acne when it's in your genetics?
my mom and dad both started to have acne in around the 8th grade... im getting to that age soon and i KNOW that im gonna end up having disgusting skin... is there a way to prevent it from happening? ...

Do Blood Clots go away?
Hi Everyone,

About two days ago my friends tricked me into squeezing my chin and flicking it. Now there is a brown spot on my chin and my mom said its a blood clot. What are they and how do they go away? How long does it take for them to go away?

If you can answer all these questions, thank you very much!

yes blood clogs go away my oldest sister had them after she had her son and after a couple of weeks it stopped dont be afraid it do go away

Don't worry, my bros were fighting and one did the same thing! Its nothing to worry about.
If you rub for awhile it will get a little better because it spreads the blood around.
It usually takes about 3 or 4 days to go away.


Sound like it's the start of a bruise. Might go a few colors like any bruise, but I shouldn't think it will do any harm and will clear completely in time.

Not a very nice thing to do to you though. As a "practical joke", I for one don't think it's that practical, or a joke.

I hope it soon goes away!

A blood clot is when bacteria in your blood vains burst open and block the way for blood cells to pass. It is very bad, I don't think It's a blood clot.

Yes, they do go away. Just leave it alone.

i think it was pretty funny how u got that blood clot,but dont worry, it'll go away in a couple of weeks... make sure u dont do anything 2 it till then.that'll just make it harder 2 go away...

i dont think its a blood clot. I also dont think blood clots go away but there are pills you can take to prevent future ones. Blood clots cause heart attacts. I highly doubt that what is on your chin is a blood clot. My best guess is that this is just a bruise. If you want more info, go to the doctor or webMD

That is not a clot. that is bruising. Thats caused by blood seeping into the tissue. That blood will slowly be reabsorbed. The color will change as that happens.
A clot is blood coagulating. When this happens (in arteries or veins) blood forms into a sort of lump. Unlike bruising, clots can be dangerous if they break loose and get to the heart or brain.
By the way, blood clots naturally outside your vessels. Otherwise if you are cut, the bleeding would never stop.

its not a blood clot, its a black and blue mark maybe

wel i have never herd of that before but the i think you could go to the docters and ask them but if they dont no ten go to God and pray i am pretty sure that he will heal you and i think it will go away in about 1 week or mabey 2 i am not suer

good luck

It's clotted blood. You broke a tiny blood vessel under the skin. It will eventually go away, just as a bruise does.

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somtimes it can but usuallt they dont

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