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 What is the purpose of the cuticles below our fingernails?
I have learned, thanks to Wikipedia...


"That in human anatomy, the cuticle (also called eponychium) refers to several structures. It ...

 How do I get rid of zits Fast, without waiting too long?
I went to the dermatologist, and she gave me a medicine called Epidou, that supposedly works within 8 weeks. Nothing. If anything happened, it made my face worse....

 What would you reccomned to a 13 year old girl with acne who's tried EVERYTHING?
I'm 13 and my acne just never seems to go down I always feel self conscious about it and i just can't stand it anymore and i have no idea what to do i've been to the Doctor and the ...

 AHH wart on face..? warts spreading.?
ok so i have 7 tiny warts on my arm and theyre spreading all over my body. UGGH. i now have 3 on my stomach and one on my hand and its driving me crazy. i am probably just being paranoid but i see ...

 How do you fix scars?
i have some scars on my legs from when i was little and getting hurt a lot (like most kids do), what can i do to make them less noticeable, ive tried concealer, but is there anything to make them ...

 Little red blood spots, can anyone help or advise please?
I have a couple of these little red (about the size of a pin head) blood spots on my arm. How can I get rid of them and prevent them in the future. Thanks for any advice x....

 why do moles suddenly appear on your body/?
moles have been showing up every where, where they haven't been before....

 why do i have acne/ how do i get rid of it?
i have alot of acne, not as much as my brother, but i think its alot. Why do i have so much?i have no stress because im home schooled,i eat healthy food(no chocolate), and i take around 4 showers a ...

 Are there any remedies for Nail psoriasis?
I have psoriasis of the nail, where my toe and finger nails are thickening, and growing away from the skin underneath. The doctor has laughed at me and told me it's nothing but it bothers me, as ...

 skin irritations? can you help me?
i cant fig out why my forehead gets red and burns, then next couple days peels like its a sun burn. It started Friday again (happens like once every 4-5 months) 1st i feel a slight burn on a small ...

 would you go out with a girl that had rosacea?
just seeing if any guys would go out with a girl with rosacea and eczema on her face?...

 How can I get rid of this embarrassing callous on my knee?

Additional Details
Is there any home remedies that I can use?...

 How to get rid of stretch marks?
I recently went through a growth spur and grew about 6 inches taller (im now 5'6) and after i came out the shower i noticed strech marks on the sides of my thighs i want to get rid of them and ...

 what is the cure for lipoma?
i have a lipoma ( fat accumulation or non cancerous tumor) on my leg. it causess mepain in my foot. is there any remedy for its cure.either in homeopathy or in allopathy without surgery....

 How come whenever I wake up from night sleep my skin seem clearer?
Like my skin looks really nice when I just wake up in the morning but when I take a shower and stuff the smoothness of my skin washed away.

Also btw I have acne....

 Does anyone suffer from "neurotic excoriations"?
(constantly scratching, picking) and overcome it? If so, how did you do it?...

 Does anyone have a 5 day acne solution?
Okay, so I have been struggling with acne on my face for years and this summer I made a promise to myself that I would get it under control. So here I am, many bottles of proactive, clean and clear, ...

 Natural Remedies For Skin Moles?
Here are the ones I have heard of- I'm kind of squeamish about getting it cut off....... :|
*Apple Juice
*Onion Juice
Thanks! :)
Additional Details<...

 Why are big company's lieing to us and then selling us expensive products to cure or help acne...?
im sorry but i have been an acne sufferer for over 6 years now and im sick of it.. i want clear healthy skin for a fraction of the price.. and get this .. YOU KNOW HOW ...

 Just started Accutane and had some questions?
So...My dermatologist is going for the last resort...Accutane, and I was just wondering about how it affected some of you who took it. I've heard about depression, drying of everything, and many ...

Cold sore + hydrogen peroxide?
I put hydrogen peroxide on my cold sore and it turned white! Now it looks extra gross. Any ideas.

the white is the infection in the sore... when i get these sores,, i take a couple of antiacid pills. with me,, it is too much acid in my body is why i get those sores... you might try this a couple of days .. see if your sore disapears..

A cold sore is a type of herpes virus and needs to be fought by your immune system.In most cases it generally goes away on its own. Peroxide generally is used to kill bacterias and therefore will not help in this case. There are OTC (over the counter) treatments to help the body fight the virus. Zinc has been shown to help the immune system. Contact your Doctor and seek advise form him/her before anything you do anything else. Stay safe and be healthy!

NOTE: always contact your doctor for any concerns first!!!

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