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 Whats good to remove them?
Im a 16 year old teenager who is healthy. I woke up this morning and i noticed on both cheeks i have gotten spots. I wash my face every morning and i eat healthy food. Whats a good soap or creme to ...

 ma skin has gone all dry n dark i want to glow up ma skin?

 Theoretically, could someone get a sunburn from a fireplace?
if so, do you think that the person would develop skin cancer as a result?...

 Anyone know of good shampoos for seborrheic dermatitis?
My dermatologist diagnosed it a few months ago and recommended a bar soap called ZNP. I found that irritated my sensitive skin. I've tried a couple of others that aren't too bad but would ...

 how do i get rid of a rash on my face, chest and arms at home?
i got it from a friends hot tub....

 How to tell a guy you have Alopecia Areata?
On the 1st date
1st i love you?
When he ask you to marry ?
Or never :)?...

 How to get rid of blackheads (home remedies)?
I have noticed I am getting a lot more blackheads and I have tried all the facials. Does anyone know of a home remedy or a quick and easy way to get rid of them?...

 how do I remove acne on my nose, pores, and scarring? are these bumps?
it's acne but the thing it's not red ....it's the same color as my skin but it looks like a bump making my nose uneven...I also want to remove pores and ...

 Sometimes, I feel like I have a cut in my nostril?
This happened yesterday, and it happens once in a while. Part of the wall of my nostril where the center is feels like I got a seriously bad papercut or that I got slashed with a knife. Why is that,...

 does this really work?
does head and shoulder shampoo remove pimples if you wash ur face wit it?

Ingredients: Ice
Instructions: This is the easiest remedy for Acne. When you wake up, rup ...

 How do you take care of your skin?
I mean like really i have rough skin, and dark elbows and ...

 I am having psoriasis on my legs thighs & hip.Should i tell my partner before marriage?

 blood on your body?
your with friends walking around socializing and all of sudden you see blood coming out of your arms little holes opening up and little squirts of blood start to run down your arm for no ...

 I have a pie for a face.....?
Can anyone assist me? My face is an actual pie, whats the best thing to do?
Additional Details
Animal, your amazingly sharp and witty retort has floored me, for sure....

 Acne Problems?
I have tried absolutely everything to get rid of my acne. But all the face washes, and creams don't do anything. It just dries my skin out.
Anybody know of a good solution? It would be much ...

 what causes bags on your eyes?

 How do I get rid of a blood blister within 2 days without popping it?
Or the fastest way possible.
Additional Details

 blood zit on inner thigh ?
i keep getting these frequently on my inner thighs, they are a pretty good sized zit maybe the size of a marble, they are soft and not very hard, sometimes they are a little painful but nothing to ...

 what age did you grow out of acne?
I'm about to graduate high school and everybody else grew out of this disease ages a go. mine is so bad right now both my cheeks are covered in red bumps that hurt to touch and now people tell ...

 What causes dark rings under the eyes when we're tired??
What's the biological processess involved?
Additional Details
I dont believe for one min that its caused by lying down,i get very little sleep cos of a 4 month old baby(shes ...

I'm not there
Cannibalism - mouth rash?
Someone told me that they know a girl who had a weird rash around her mouth, she went to the doctors and the doctor asked her if she'd kissed anyone recently, she said yes, the doctor said, they only way you get this rash is from someone who has eaten human flesh... is that just a big old pile of bull?

Jenny McCarthy
I'm pretty sure that's an urban legend, unless you heard it from the same person I heard it from but I'm still pretty positive it is an urban legend because I've heard others like it.

well i heard a story about some girl who just went to florida and contracted the disease from some guy and the fbi tracked him down and apparently he has killed a lot of girls

but i dont know if this is completely true... my sister was talking to a girl at her school who said it was her cousin

Grayson my Love
I am no expert, but I would not think it's true.
Have you ever heard of cannibalism inducing mouth rashes? I sure haven't!
Besides, what makes human meat any different from animal meat? I am not implying that I eat people, but I don't see why it would be physically harmful in any way. People are mammals. People can be food. We ARE people. What would be different if you eat someone or if you kissed someone. And we kiss others all of the time. Unless the person being consumed had some weird disease.... which I doubt...

Do I make any sense???

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