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 Are County Health Department STD tests acurate?
Are County Health Department STD tests acurate? Just wonderin for a friend. I didnt kno the answer myself and was just wonderin what yall think!...

 i just found out i have hpv my dr said itz the lowest kind ! i have no warts or anything she also said it canb

 how much does it cost to be artificially inseminated?

 this guy a friend of mine messed with some man and when he came on her chest she said it was white and gooey?
and said when she wiped it off it was like when you rub your hands together and get the dead skin off.... wtf does he have an std? if so what is it?
Additional Details
no forreal what is ...

 If they have vaccines for hpv and hepatitas then how come they dont have one for herpes?

 Can A girl Have A STD If?
I met a girl when i went out of town she told me she's been with two guys uses condoms and birth control. She might be making out with other guys but has no serious signs of STD's. Me and ...

 Can you get HIV from this?
A gay guy was a cashier and he handled my friends two credit cards and gave it back to him.My friend had cuts on his hand.Assuming the gay guy had HIV, could my friend have contracted the virus?...

 Diagnosed with HSV2 1 1/2 years ago, culture was positive then, tested again last month and culture was neg.?
I was diagnosed with HSV2 a year and a half ago, I had my first outbreak and they did a culutre and it came back positive for HSV2. I started seeing a new doctor about a 4 months ago, and wanted to ...

 Are trojan enz a good brand. I just ordered some and Im not sure how well they work and how they will feel?

 Are there any known cases of HIV/AIDS transmission through bodily fluids on toilet seats?
I know that it is HIGHLY unlikely, but I was just wondering....

 I have a friend who has herpes and thinks that her life is over. She is young.?
Is there a statistic that I can show her of how many people actually has this disease....

 Can a dog transmit oral herpes (HSV-1) from one person to another by licking them?
Our puppy licked a woman who had (what looked like) oral herpes on her lip. Can she still kiss us on the face?...

 Do men get symptoms from chlamydia?
I recently found out an ex-girlfriend of mine was diagnosed with chlamydia. Can men experience symptoms/signs of this disease as well?...

 What is...?
What is a labia. I heard it on the internet but I don't know what it is....

 how do you get herpes in your lips?

Additional Details
is herpes in your lips a STD?...

 what are the chances of gretting hiv if a woman performs fellation on a man and he dose not ejaculate?

 How To Think Positive??
Think positive does enough to strengthen my faith in myself that I can do anything I want like passing every exams in school, professional license or else?...

 do i have herpes????????
well I'm female and i've never done anything past kissing.
but i have bumps on the inner lip of my vigina?
and they have been thare for awhile and thares more than a couple

 do cold sores have to ooze?
i thought i had a cold sore. but it never got really red or big. it jus kinda looked like alittle bump & after about 3 days it went away and it didnt ooze or anything & it wasnt painful. i ...

 Why do some people with std's break up, when they find out one person gave it to the other?
Why don't they just stay together since they both now have it?...

who was the first person to die from AIDS?
this is a serious question
its for a history project
i gotta know right away

Myanda Ndomri
Rick James

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