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 How is your blood affected by AIDS?

 Why won't western doctors accept there is a cure for AIDS?
So far, I have come across three different organizations that have a cure...but in different countries...why isn't the U.S. jumping on top of that? They have proof and testimony and, actually, ...

 I need someone help ?
http://www.blink.org.uk/print.asp?key=7773 My buddy went to this clinic, got an hiv test and i have been browsing the website and i am worried for my buddy
cause i do want some nurse ...

 Hpv Question?
Their are 60 different types of hpv right? so If you have hpv (low risk) And you sleep with someone who also has hpv but has (high risk) can you get it? can you also get high risk hpv?...

 Can you get AIDS from not doing anything?
I mean.. if you had a friend who has AIDS or some other std. and you share a water bottle or a smoke with them..can you catch it?

 if u didn't know your partner had what my doctor called HPV and i found out i have it how,can by law something?
be done to make him pay for medical bills,i have no insurance like get a ...

 if you take a hiv test and it come back negative does that mean your aids test would be negative to?

 if my herpes are not inflamed should i tell my girlfriend?

 Can I get HIV this way????????????????????????
Ok...this may be a little gross but it happened...so here we go!

I have OCD and a phobia of HIV...!

I have a bladder control problem and being OCD, I DO NOT use public restrooms....

 so im 16 nd i met this girl. ive kised her nd ive fingered her but today she told me that she's HIV+. now wat?

 i am hiv +. how do i meet hiv + Single male in my country. i am from nigeria living in lagos?
i am looking for a serious relationship. i would like to known what sites i can met people with hiv + ...

 I was raped when i was little. And im scared i have HIV or something. ?
It was by my brother. I was between the ages of 4-8 ill say and now im 17. Is there still a chance that i might have something or would I know by now?...

 SERIOUS QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
ok im jw, but how do u tell if a condom has broken, wats the best brand???...

 I want to ask a question?
if a virgin and a virgin do it..and lets say a male virgin who is 16 do it to a female 15 virgin..and they dont' use a condom would they get hiv or aids by any chance cuz there both virgins. i ...

 If some one has herpes and they do not have an outbreak can I get it?
I have done some thing and I am not sure if I made a big mistake. I am sure you can figure it out from here....

 what do you think? herpes?
i found out a month ago i got herpes. both me and my boyfriend got it.
my question here is. if you know someone that has herpes but your not really there friend would you make fun of them, feel ...

 Can't bone marrow transplants cure people of HIV?
It's been done before. As long as the blood doesn't get rejected, it should work. By getting the people's blood cells who have the ability to fight off HIV, wouldn't the HIV be ...

 can u get hiv from.......?
can u get hiv from touching money that sumone wit hiv had touch(im jus a little curious) please answer i suffer from OCD......

 HIV! Can you get it from performing oral?
So guess what? I dumped this guy because he was never around when I needed him and always wanted to work around his schedule... I figured he was cheating on me so I broke up with him like a month and ...

 are cold sores STD's?

what does ‘got the clap’ mean?
Its in this book called 'Deadly Unna'!

na it don't mean gonnheria (however u spell it). it means you got chlamydia

Yeah, it's a weird expression.
But it's just a way of saying someone has Gonorrhea.

it means they have an std of some sort

the clap is a slang term for gonorrhoea

If you've 'got the clap', it means you have an std..
The way it is used in 'Deadly Unna' is quite derogatory and an example of just how racist some white Australians can be towards indigenous people..
Great book btw! :-)

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