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 can you get hiv from the following:?
I was at an ice stadium for iceskating. I borrowed a pair of iceskating shoes. The room where the staff had stored the iceskating shoes was as cold as the ice stadium itself. Afterwards I found that ...

 Should I tell my boyfriend that I got herpes from his dad?
I slept with my boyfriend's dad last week. I am 20, he is 52. I was intoxicated and it is not something i would normally do. Now I have herpes and don't know what to do. It would kill ...

 he gave me herpes what should i do?

 How long can you have HIV before you start to show symptoms?

 Aids came from the black race or from the white race ?

 Little Debbie Brownies with the candies on them???
Okay, I have a question.

I am 19 years old. I have been diagnosed with OCD and a phobia of HIV.

I have not eaten one of those brownies in forever up until today.

My ...

 can animals get aids?
Additional Details
my mum is not an animal :(...

 what can i do to go negitivee on a piss test right before?

 Is it safe to drink your boyfriend's pee?
I have a bit of a fetish and I've always fantasized about my bf peeing on me and in my mouth. I haven't tried it and I don't know how it tastes, but I really want to do it in the ...

 is there a chance of me having aids. plz answer and read i am so scared?
so i was playing this stupid game with my friend where he trys to bust open my knuckle with a quarter. He did the, cut was about a 1/4 of a inch. the cut splatted blood and i dont know if he has an ...

 I'm really paranoid!!!!?
How would I feel/look if I have herpes?
Additional Details
I was tested a few years ago for all STD's and never heard back....What could this mean?...

 Do you have herpes I heard a lot of people do?
I heard an amazing statistic that something like 60 or 70% or the population has it.
Additional Details
No, Nameless I do not. I just thought this was a great topic to bring up ...

 STD from Dog is it possible? help...?
my 16 year old son came out positive for it's the Clap (Gonnorhea, for the scientific) and now I just want to know, is it possible he could've caught it from the family dog? it's a M...

 If 2 virgins can't give eachother or get STD from one another, how did anyone get STD?

Additional Details
how did the first person get it?...

 Telling my Girlfriend i got aids?
I've been sleeping with my main girl for at least 7 months. To make my story very short: Just found out i got AIDs and i dont kno wat to tell my girl. Do i even tell her at all cuz by the time ...

 I'm growing a mushroom on my reer end. WHAT DO I DO?

 He Fingered Me and now i need help?
i met with a guy, who ive been seeing for aiges, i am still a virgin so its not an STI or anything.. but we were at the beach and he smokes, so his hands were obviously not clean, so i think i got a ...

 Would someone who has fewer outbreaks of gential herpes have a smaller chance of spreading the virus?
i just found out today that i got hsv-2, im really upset about it at the moment im keeping my distance from everyone and collecting as much info as i can on it so if anyone can help i would be truly ...

 would you tell your partner if you had an STD?
im doinqq this thinq about STDs in school and i was just wondering what the publc thinks=]...

Its true! I got a link ppl.
I'm sorry but no man or women alive is worth a STD. Herpes lasts a lifetime.

Adarsh J
is herpes treatable plz help?
is herpes treatable plz tell me....

Thomas Aquinas
HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THERE IS NO CURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SORRY BUDDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

treatable but no cure

it is treatable but not curable

It is treatable, but not curable.


It is not curable. You can only treat the symptoms. You can spread it to others even when you don't have symptoms.

Dr Johnny
No unfortunately not. Learn to live with it and what "triggers" an outbreak such as stress and tiredness. You can then prepare for a potential outbreak.

Also learn to understand how the area feels (Tingling) before an outbreak and take oral aciclovir (or whatever your doctor prescribes) immediately. You can often head it off before the skin starts to blister. In facial areas you can also apply creams to be doubly sure.

Obviously, do not engage without condoms / or orally during an outbreak.

It's treatable, but not curable. Lots of information on the website in sources.

Ian Q
Treatable, yes. Curable, no.
They have medications to help outbreaks, but there is no cure. Sorry.

Yes, herpes is treatable but not curable. It can lay dormant for long periods of time, but can flare up again. The flare ups are usually weaker and shorter lived but remain a life long threat.

treatable not curable.
sorry bud.

no its not. You treat the symptoms and try to live with it

Yes, it is treatable, but only in the sense that you take medication to keep the virus from popping up. By the time you notice the first lesion, the herpes virus has become one with your cells, hijacking the protein-making mechanism to replicate itself and so killing your cells (which is what you see in the lesions).
Medications to prevent the breakouts of lesions are available and may prevent you passing herpes on to your partner. So speak to her/him about it. It's YOUR responsibility to tell them.
So, from now on, use condoms and stay in one relationship at a time... Because, God forbid, if you catch HIV/AIDS, no medication in the world will keep the lesions from coming back... All over your body.
Other than these dire warnings, you should live a pretty normal life.

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