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 STI testing scared ....?
i just find out my ex ma have chlamydia , does any one no a quick way of getting tested , i want to have a full screening done but scared something bad mite come up need sum help getting over my ...

 if a girl and a guy..?
both are virgins and want to lose their virginity to eachother is it possible for a diseas being passed on?

please answer. thanks....

 I think this girl years ago gave me cooties?
Is there a way to get tested, and should I tell any partners I have of this condition?...

 do you think there is a cure for aids?

 HIV antibody test?
I got tested for HIV in February using the rapid test (20 mins.) the test was a swab test and i tested positive for anitbodies, at the end of March i flollowed up with a blood test for HIV and tested ...

 How does a person get aids other than using an infected persons needle during the taking of drugs?

 Can you get crabs from buying used underwear at a thrift store?
I bought a pair of used underwear cuz im trying to save money. I noticed a few stains on them after I brought them home. My question is, is it possible to get crabs after they were bleached. One pair ...

 Boyfriend broke up with me 'cause I asked him to get STD test!!?
Tonight my boyfriend of one month broke up with me 'cause I asked him to get an STD test.

He got offended and said I was implying he's dirty and dishonest. I told him it's ...

 I have a Herpes outbreak that I need to go away?
I have a very important job interview saturday...i heard things like eating broccoli make it go away cmon people i need advice for this to disappear by saturday.....btw its on my cheek

 Who here has or had an STD before in their life?
Did you know who you got the STD from? How did it affect your life?...

 HELP!!!!! could they be wrong? I just a had pap smear.. and they just told me I had gonorrhea?
But I've been with the same guy for 2 and some years, Ive only been with him.. and I know for a fact that his only been with me.. becasue mostly we're together all the time and has been. ...

 Can hiv be washed off?
say if there was hiv on your pants then it is thrown into the washing mashine. can it be washed off. Or if not can it be at least diluted to a stage of no possible transmission?

I want ...

 can you get aids from someone spitting on you?

Additional Details
not only if they are gayTwan M...

 What's wrong with me?
Lately my v a g i n a has been quite ichy on the cheeks, and when I go to the toilet my urine is a bit of a misty see-through colour sometimes a little yellow like urine is normally... but is there ...

 how do i get herpes? please help?
i really need herpes so i can get a few weeks off work
it sounds stupid but its the only way i get out of it!
please help
Additional Details
well its not just to get out of ...

 weird smell wen i go toilet?
hey guys please help everytime i go to the toilet i get a really weird smell wen i pee have ye any idea wat this is linked to pls help happening bout 6 months now
Additional Details
im ...

 Fun STDs Section POLL: Assume the user above you has an STD. Which one do you think he or she has? :]?

 Can i catch HIV/AIDS from someone who doesn't have it?

 Has My HUSBAND CHEATED??? I have an abnormal pap-smear! HELP PLS!!!?
HeyY'll ok im married for almost 2 1/2 years yeah...so my husband

hasn't always been the perfect man (abusive in the past) anyways in

08 oct, i left for 3 weeks to ...

 If you're having a thick white discharge, does that mean you have chlamydia?

baby on the way
how long does it take for std test to come back?

Keep your underwear on and you will be ok lol

Like 10 days to 2 weeks , but it depends on the std test your taking .... hiv test takes only 15-20 minutes to get the test back and you get the results right there....

paint the stars
Depends on the STD you are getting tested for.

My friend David got tested. His results took a couple of days to get back and were negative.

Even though, at last count, he's slept with 9 guys. >_>

usually 2-3 weeks but it depends on what std u are being tested for.

Slippy Sandy
My herpes test came back in 3 days.
My Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Aids test came back in1 week.
Chlamydia that can tell right away.
Good Luck

i just got tested last saturday and my results came back yesterday. But it normally depends i think on what there testing for


Jessica D
It depends on what they are testing for ...on average about 3 or 4 days but it can take up to a week or two if they send the test off to another lab or something. Instead of worrying call your doctor's office and ask if your concerned because they may already have the results and haven't called since everything was fine. A lot of doctor's have the no news is good news policy.

that depends on the std being tested for.

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