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 Is HERPES a form of HIV which can become AIDS?
i have had lil blisters on my buttocks for about 3 days now my appointment to see a dr. is in about a week but im just scared that it could be herpes and i know its treatable but not cure-able so i ...

 gardasil, insurance, what should I tell my parents?
So I got the Gardasil vaccine in May and July but I had to pay for it. Turns out that I can get reimbursed by my insurance for what I paid but they will send the check to my dad, who did not want me ...

 How long can a cold sore stay dormant the first time?
When you first come in contact with someone with a cold sore, how long before you would show your first cold sore?...

 How much damage has Chlamydia done if you had it for 4 month?
Could it be that it made you infertile? Would you go for a fertility test? What other damages could it have left in a woman after 4 month? would you double check at the doctors that its gone after ...

 is this acute hiv infection? sore throat?
does sore throat automatically means HIV?

why they keep saying there is no such thing as symptoms of HIV, but then they throw out sore throat and bs like that? i think i feel a ball in my ...

 When a girl gets birth control at planned parenthood do they automatically test you for STDs?
When a girl gets birth control at planned parenthood do they automatically test you for STDs every time the girl goes to get the birth control?...

 Can Herpes be transmitted through blood?
because i have herpes, and a my neighbors dog bit my foot, not my herpes sore, just my foot, so can i give it to the dog if my blood went in his mouth?...

 blood test info- please explain?
what happens when you go
when do you get it back
Additional Details
to test for ...

 cervical cancer, hpv?
i just got a call from my gyno. that i had abnormal cells on my cervix, i go in for testing in a couple days is there a good chance i could have Hpv or cervical cancer? if so if i stayed with the guy ...

 question for ppl with herpes?
when you have an outbreak is it always uncomfortable or painfull???
the dr thinks I have herpes ( we are waiting for test resalts ) but i have been reading and it says stuff about pain and ...

 How is HIV/AIDS treated?
Please explain this to me in 14 year old language, because all these websites are really hard to understand....

 what is the reason for itching anus?

 Side Effects from HPV Vaccine, Gardasil?
Have any of you girls who've had the Gardasil vaccine had any side effects? I'm anxious to hear your thoughts on this vaccine....

 Can you get tested for STDs without your parents knowing?
I'm 17 and need to get tested for STDs. I'm on health insurance.

Is it possible for me to get tested for stds without my parents knowing?...

 Dose meps Check for STD's?
I have heard that they do indeed check and im not quite sure..i went last time and failed the ASVAB my AFQT score was a 17 so im not exactly sure how the whole physical Examination goes..Could anyone ...

 Damn. I got herpes.......?
I think i have herpes. I've had it since i was a girl. They were little clusters of itchy blistery things on my lips. :(( would i get it on my finger if i touched it, even if it's not there ...

 what is the chance of getting herpes?
So I was drunk at the bar and a girl came to me she danced with me and suddenly start making out with me. I was so drunk that I couldn't resist even though she was not hot at all. A girl wearing ...

 British Backpackers spreading STD's in Australia?
I read this morning that British backpackers think it is perfectly ok to not use condoms while in Australia. They also are having multiple partners. One guy claimed that women should be providing ...

 what stds can you get from being fingered?
Well its really saw down there and i've been fingered 5 times and I just need to no if you can get an STD, if so is there and cures which your parents dont have to find out about?

 Is it possible that my friend could have reactive arthritis 3 years after infection?
My friend had a boyfriend 3 years ago. At that time, 3 years ago, her boyfriend had symmetrical joint pain and stiffness and swelling. 3 years later she has reactive arthritis? Is it possible that ...

Katherine Smith
how can u tell if a boy has a STD?
plzzz answerr

ask them.

You sure cant tell by looking at someone that's for sure!! The one and only way you can be sure is to accompany him to the STD clinic and get tested together and share.

Go with him when he gets tested and make sure you ask for the test for herpes because it is NOT given in routine std screens.

Many that think they don't have anything do...

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