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 First person to say something gets best answer!?

 Discussed HPV with doctor - is it on medical record?
Hello all,

I slept with a woman who thought she had HPV a few years prior.

I was worried and when at general doctor in CA I asked him if I should now consider myself infected ...

 Does anyone know anything about cervical bleeding ?
yes.... I started bleeding bad one day and i thought I was going to have a miscarriage... when I saw the doctor she told me that me cervix is closed and the baby looked fine. She told me it looks ...

 Is there any way to contract HPV through only kissing someone?
I met a girl who had cancer from the HPV virus. I found this out after I kissed her but did nothing more than that. Only kissing on the lips. She said she had 4 tests in the last 2 years. All came up ...

 How can STD's be prevented?

 how much do yeast infection kits normally cost?
i think i have one and im 13 and i need to buy one. how much do they cost. ...

 If you have an std and you are given treatment can you get treatment for your partner too?
if you know your partner has an std and has given it to you can you get them the treatment too if they refuse to get tested? What do I do to get us both tested and treated :( he's the only ...

 Do I have a yeast infection?
I got a paps smear and they said I had a bacteria like infection is that the same thing as a yeast infection?...

 hello ladies im 22 yrs old diagnosed with hpv im wondering if i can have a child?
sad to say i had an abortion at 17 yrs old and tried and tried having a baby afterwards and was neva successful i then found out i had a tilted uterus and HPV plus i have a cyst around my right ovary ...

 can you het herpes from waterfalling a drink!?
i waterfalled(didn't touch my mouth to the bottle but drank some) after a girl with herpes drank off of it so am i gonna get herpes too?...

 Pigs and AIDS HELP!?!?
If a pig eats a person with aids, could it get infected with aids? And ifit did, if you then ate that same pig, would you get aids?...

 Does antiviral medication delay a positive HIV result?
Since my risky exposure I have had many of the acute HIV symptoms. I took large amounts of non-HIV-specific antiviral medications (12 pills per day for almost 2 months). I tested HIV negative at 6 ...

 if you have chlamydia for over a year can you still have kids?

 White cells in my urine and stings when i wee?
Hi im 15 going on 16. I am rather worried about my urine sample come back. i have just been to the gp and they have gave me antibiotics and they said they will send of my urine when the docture ...

 does herpes, warts and other such things mean HIV infection?
wat if a person have warts, herpes.. does it have anything to do with hiv or aids?...

 Red Spots and herpes?
Me and my friend are bodybuilders. He has a model like body.
He frequently gets waxed in his privates and his abdomen. One day he showed his abs, and I saw red patches of skin on his abdomen, ...

 My girlfriend is bleeding from her mouth what should i do?
ok my girlfriend just had her appendix removed, and its been two weeks and she said shes bleeding from her mouth.. what could this mean?...

 Are HPV vaccines any more painful than regular shots?
I am 13 years old and the doctor recommends to get shots like Gardasil soon. I heard that it is very painful though....

 I need help with a problem my girlfriend and i are having. It is about kissing?
My girlfriend and i have been seeing each other for about 8 months now and recently in the past 2, she gets these things she calls cold sores after we kiss for a long period of time. I don't ...

 Question about herpes?
I just found out that my brother has herpes, he did not tell me, i saw it on the counter in his house. My questions are, is there any way that my son can get it from him, if so, how can i prevent it? ...

can you get HIV or STDs from kissing..exchanging saliva?
i am 13 so i don't want anything bad to happen so young. when i get guys spit in my mouth (it happens often) am i at risk for anything? thanks! please no comments.

The only way for saliva to transmit HIV is if it had blood in it. So if he has a cut tongue or cut gums, then i wouldnt kiss him.

Chrystal M
Blood transmission for HIV, so if you have a cut in your mouth and he is bleeding into your mouth, then yes. Highly unlikely though.

STDs are another story. If he has a cold sore, you could get herpes in your mouth. The cold sore kind, not the herpes simplex.

However, 99% chance you won't get anything.

Brandon G
Some of the responses you have received are not totally accurate. The Center for Disease Control's website says:

"Saliva, Tears, and Sweat - HIV has been found in saliva and tears in very low quantities from some AIDS patients. It is important to understand that finding a small amount of HIV in a body fluid does not necessarily mean that HIV can be transmitted by that body fluid. HIV has not been recovered from the sweat of HIV-infected persons. Contact with saliva, tears, or sweat has never been shown to result in transmission of HIV."

As far as other STD's, it is possible to transmit certain diseases like Herpes. My best advice for you is to avoid kissing someone if you think they are infected.

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