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 What is STI/STD?????????

 How to anonymously tell someone to get checked for std's?
Is there a way to tell someone to get checked for std's anonymously? I would be afraid that the person would be so advanced that they could go and have checked from where I was sending the email....

 How to prevent yourself from getting STD's?
I know about wearing a condom
But is there anything else?...

 how do girls get infected down there?
im a virgin! i shower daily...sometimes twice. i have yellow discharge and it smells bad...im scared!! i have no medical insurance. i haven't been to the doctor in about 3 years. im only ...

 Can i spread HPV 8 years later?
9 years ago, i was diagnosed with HPV. After it cleared up, i have never had another symptom again. I read that your body usually clears the virus in two years. I have been with the same person since ...

 How do I brink up STD to my gf?
I have slept with 2 girls total. My current gf is the first one without a condom (shes on birth control) .We've been together for 2 months, and about a month ago i noticed inflamation around the ...

 a disease that hard to cure..?
could you tell me if what I'm suffering now?..
it is hard to me to urinate.. and there is yellow liquid on my underware everytime i wake up in the morning.. is this UTI? or a symptom of ST...

 Blood test?
I f you go to the emergency sick and they take your blood do they test if for HIV?...

 how easy is it to transfer herpes?
Is it possible to transfer herpes with out an outbreak and how easy is it when you're not wearing condoms?...

 Can you damage your hearing by listening to high frequency sounds beyond human capacity?
There is this youtube video where you can listen to a 20 kHz sound, and I can' hear it. If I turn up my speakers and listen to it for a while, can I stil damage my hearing even though I can'...

 My 43 year old boyfriend possibly has anal warts what concerns should I have? What doctor should he see?
Not sure if it is anal warts, just looks like it. Could be something ...

 Did God create AIDS to control the population count?

 What is the full name of AIDS & HIV?

 is my friend going to die of aids?
my friend is 20 and I'm 19 almost 20 and I just found out he has HIV. Like omfg, we couldn't believe it! He is going to die and I don't even want to hang out with him becuz i don'...

 does anybody want a girl with herpes?
this is not my only worries about having herpes but it is one of ...

 Ever been caught masterbating and by who?
I did and it was my boyfriend. I didn't hear him come home and he caught me....

 How come the young people of the U.S. have the highest STD and Pregnancy rates in the world?

 What's up with the people here saying AIDS doesn't exist?
I was just browsing this category and read all the virusmyth crap.
You scare me with that attitude! I don't have it but please, show some more respect....

 Had a blood test 3 months ago. Doc said everything normal. Do I need to worry about HIV. Never been tested.

 Why do we have to get vaccinated before we travel to Africa?
Bacteria? Don't are bodies need bacteria? Why do we get sick when we go there? Is it because it's not healthy or is it because is healthier?...

the king
can u tell the difference between male & female urine?
if there are two cups of urine on the table. one male, the other female. can you tell the difference when tested in the lab? besides if the female is preg.
Additional Details
other than darker, smell a lab cannot tell the difference?

i thought womens urine is darker than males..... tho i might be wrong.....

Test can tell you anything. If i was to look at them I couldn't but test can.

new tests for preeclampsia in pregnant women. Warning signs of preeclampsia, a complication of pregnancy that often forces a premature delivery, are revealed through blood tests. Scientists now report that testing a woman's urine for falling concentrations of a hormone called placental growth factor (PlGF) can also tip off doctors to preeclampsia. These findings, if confirmed, suggest that pregnant women might someday have access to home kits that would alert them to get further tests, says Richard J.

Joel R
No I can't.

Not by looking at them, but they are chemically different because of hormones.

If you're trying to beat a drug test, they do usually check that.

Rex T
Yes. You can test for hormones. Females have estrogen and males have testosterone, among others. You can also do a genetic test.

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