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can std's show up on blood test.?
if so, which ones
Additional Details
because i am pregnant and blood was took. The doctor called me this morning and said he wants me to come in to discuss the test. and i can not think of what could be wrong.

douche b
the ones that take blood

the doctor has to order the blood place to check for stuff.

blood work is where all diseases show up

For a newly pregnant patient there is a long list of blood testing that is done. They check your blood type, hep b, HIV, RPR(syphilis), CBC(anemia). If you had a pap smear they may have tested for HPV, gonorrhea or chlamydia. Depending on your age/ethnicity the may have done additional testing for Cystic Fibrosis, Fragile X and Thalesemia. If you're between 15-20wk it may have been your AFP testing which looks for Downs, trisemy 18 and open neurotube defects. Unfortunately without more information there really isn't anything you can do but try to relax and wait until tomorrow. Good Luck

The one and only
some of them do. but some, like herpes, they can look at and tell u.

STD's can show up in blood work if that's what they are testing for. I really doubt that's why your doctor wants to see you.

In pregnancy your body undergoes a lot of change and the more likely culprit is gestational diabetes.

Get in to see your Doctor asap.
Good Luck

The only blood test and STD shows up on is one specifically done to test for STD's. Normal lab work does not test for or show STD's.

Yes, that is how they usually check for many common STD's, is by blood test, but the person above is correct they have to test for the STD, it's not like if they are testing for Hepatitis and you have HIV/AIDS that it would show up on the test, unless they specifically tested for it.

There are a few STDs that can be tested using a blood sample.

HIV, hepatitis, herpes, and syphilis can all be tested by a blood sample.

Doctors usually recommend all pregnant women get at least one syphilis test done while they are pregnant. Syphilis can cause stillbirth and other serious birth defects.

Did they specifically test you for STDs, or was the blood work done for something else?

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