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 how long could you be infected with hiv at the very longest without knowing?

Additional Details
i have never been exposed to it that i know of was just wondering thats ...

 does she have herpes?
Ok so I am 15 and I am in high school. Thier is a girl in one of my classes who I think might have it. She will not eat sugar or chocolate and the other day she had this weird thing on the side of ...

 How long can you carry the HPV Virus?
I just recently had a pap that came back abnormal. And have been diagnosed with the HPV virus. The reason for my question is that I have been in a monogomos relationship for nearly two years and my ...

 Does my friend have to tell her employer that she has herpes?
My friend works at a grocery store and so do a lot of my other friends. I don't want my other friends or anyone else to get herpes. What should i do... better yet, what should SHE do?...

 Is it possible to go to the local health department to find out of if someone has been tested for HIV?
Is it also possile to find out what the results of the test were?...

 I just found out my friend has AIDS hes gay and we smoke together im i at risk should i go to the doc or what?

 Is "Cold sore" in English, lip herpes ?
In my country we have no other name for what appears to be lip herpes. Is a cold-sore actually the same thing with lip herpes?
Thank you in advance....

 Has anyone gotten an STD from oral?
Anyone out there ever get an STD from oral (giving or receiving)? Because I'm sure most people do not use oral dams or condoms during oral. So I'm curious about the risk factor....

 can you tell me more about HIV or AIDS??

 The std test was on Monday afternoon, the doctor said the results would be ready in 3 days for the blood test?
If I were to call today do you think the test would be ready?...

 What are some easy ways to catch herpes?

Additional Details
I don't like women...I go the other way. ;)...

 What is gonorrhea is it bumps or what?
is gonorrhea bumps or what is it?...

 I HAVE AIDS what should i do?
I got freaky with some african american girls and i am too broken to talk about it. What should i do? PLZ HELP ME HARD...

 !! How to know if you have a yeast infection?
i want to know how to know if you have a yeast infection. like what do i look for?? is there a feel to it?? can it go away on its own??HELP???...

 How come AIDS is funny?
I can't help but laugh everytime someone mentions AIDS. If someone mentions it on TV, I can't help but notice how funny it is. It was awkward when someone with AIDS visited our school and ...

 Can i get aids from this?
My uncle recently adopted two kids from Ethiopia whose father died from aids. A few hours ago (like two or three) one of my cousins spit into a towel and I spaced and then dried my hands with that ...

 im unsure about how you can catch certain STD'S?
if you are running track and you forget your shorts and one of the members on the track team let you borroe theirs their pants are sweaty and everything but you really need the shorts can you get an S...

 my gf has hepatitis, she just told me today.?
what do i do???...

 Would my regular blood test show HIV??? Please Help.?
These are some of the results from my regular blood testing. I had an HIV test done for the first time a few days ago. I'm SO nervous about my results. I just wanted to see if anyone seen ...

 i gave a guy a ******* and now my throat is red?
Last night i gave oral to a random guy i met at the bar, he seemed clean, i freaked out last night when i realized what i did. Today my throat is blood shot red. I can swallow food and evry thing. ...

Ashmita Mukherjee
Where was AIDS first detected?

In the jungle in Africa 2 gay monkeys

eqyptian times.

This topic has been covered previously

It was identified in 1981 in the US (two gay men).

afsar k
in losangales

I think it was from Africa - didnt some monkey have it?

Jiten M
AIDS was first detected in Haiti USA in 1981. ...

look up the time line for HIV, from what has been determined it come from the Green Monkey which was used as a food source for the native tribes, and crossed to humans through blood which transferred while the men were cleaning the animal for cooking. But many believe this was not the first cases of HIV as there are individuals who are immune to the virus, which probably means at some time in history there was another outbreak and through evolution for immune systems within those people they now pass on the immunity to their children. The first known case may be been as far back as the 1950s, but it was determined to be a virus until the 1980s when it became widespread in developed countries.

I think you have Aids

Get checked out

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