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 What happens if you kiss someone with herpes?

 oral question, please help?
my gf had a mighty coldsore on her lip yesterday and gave me a blow/ob, is there anyway that i could get a coldsore down there?...

 If you give blood to red cross will they tell you if you are hiv positive?

 my freind put a mouse up his anal what should he do?
my freind put a mouse up his anal what should he do?
he did it as a dare for £30.
hes to scared to goto the doctors.
Additional Details
it was dead by the way
when he ...

 What is the difference between AIDS and HIV?

 Herpes & Family?
I just found out from my doc today that I have herpes.
My boyfriend and I are ok, and we are going to deal with it.

Big question is: since it is a disease/infection, is it normal to ...

I went to the OB/GYN last week and had the typical tests done for std's. My doc called me today and said at some point I have come in contact with someone who has herpes...
I have had NO ...

 Can someone get herpes on there cheek?

 how did aids start?

 does HPV cause cancer 90% of the time?
my friend said that HPV is really bad to have and it causes cancer 90% of the time. Is this true??? Im a little scared because I just tested positive for HPV, but my PAP was 100% ...

 How long is the life of someone who is HIV positive?

 can hpv be transmitted by toilet seat etc?
like if someone peas on a toilet seat and you sit on it can you get hpv? or if they spit they blood on something and it sits there for like a day or something and you wiper it up with a rag?...

 Has anyone every worked through having a partner with herpes?
He contracted it before we were seeing each other and other than that issue, is everything I could ask for. I've been reading that it is basically a "skin" infection and that 1 in 4 ...

 What's in a CBC Blood test?

 how long does it take for HIV to show up on a test?

 burning sensation when i pee?
for the past couple days everytime i pee at the end it burns.
And just before when i wiped there was a little blood?
idk wat it could be?
i was thinking a uti??...

 Can a 6 month-old be tested for STDS?
i'm serious i need to know if their is any STD that can be passed to an infant if they are kissed?...

 I'm embarrassed to be asking this.. can you get and std from giving a guy a handjob?
I hooked up with this guy at a party and I gave him a hand job.. and I learned from a friend that he 'might' have guanaria.. is it true that if you touch your eye after you can get some ...

 Can you get Hiv from touching the clothes of an infected person?
For example wearing used uderwear that has been left in the bathroom for 5+ hours....

 HIV Question?
The other night I had dry blood on my shoe and wiped it off with a wet paper towel. Say the blood has HIV, and I might have slightly touched the blood on the wet paper towel. Then proceeded to ...

What is worst Hepatitus C or HPV?

hepatitis c is worse than hpv! hepatitis c does not go away & can cause serious health issues. hpv on the otherhand is one of the most common std's but can go away depending on ur body! & fyi hpv does not always cause genetal warts

i think hep c is worse because it is more life threatening although hpv can cause cancer as well and that can kill you or ruin your life. there both bad things to have.

Rocky Raccoon
Hep C is more deadly; you need your liver to live.

Hepatitis C can give you liver cancer in the long run which is more fatal, more complicated and more difficult to manage than cervical cancer which is a result of HPV infection.

I was diagnosed with Cervical Carcinoma In Situ at age 24 due to infection with HPV; I was successfully treated and have had no recurrences to this date. In July 2003 I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C infection. It may take up to 30 years for me to develop liver cancer, but I'm already experiencing other problems due to Hepatitis C. I've got a low platelet count, which makes me bleed a lot from the tiniest nick or cut. Even routine surgery like a gallbladder removal [which I had to undergo last year] is extremely risky due to the possibility of uncontrollable bleeding. My menstrual periods were so heavy that I had to be put on the Pill though I've had a tubal ligation; the high levels of hormones in my brand of pill [Ovral] help to control the bleeding. I experience continuous gastrointestinal problems like diarrhea and problems digesting meats and other protein-rich or fatty foods. I feel bloated most of the time. There are times that I feel so weak that I spend most of the day in my bed, like all energy has been drained from my body. Nor Hepatitis C or HPV are good [no disease is], but Hepatitis C is worst in my opinion. And the worst part is that, for every person like me that's been diagnosed with Hepatitis C, there are nine others walking around infected but undiagnosed.

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