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 can you still get HIV in a small town?

 Yeast Infection HELP?
I am 12, have not had my period yet, and i think i may have a yeast infection. It itches reallly bad all the time, it looks like cottage cheese but it dosnt burn when i pee. Is there any home ...

 What are crabs? How do i get them?
Now this isn't the crabs you eat i mean the one you get down there. But Im curious on what these are. And how people can get them children or adults....

 question about cold sore?
If someone gives you head, can you get herpes if they have a cold sore?

Another question. what if the cold sore went away? then gave you ...

 do you always get a fever when you have herpes..?
i went to the doctor yesterday and they said i have herpes...not 100% sure, but it doesnt look good...i was wondering if you ALWAYS have a fever when you have herpes? this is my first 'outbreak&#...

 Could you check to see if you have STD's or HIV through a blood test?
I heard through blood test you can see if you have diseases, but I'm not sure if it's true....

 i got a huge scratch...i think its infected...help?
i fell down on cement while trying to run away from my friend...well i slipped on like a huge puddle on car oil..i didn't see in cuz it blended in with the rode..anyway so i fell down and got a ...

 Help! Enlarged Labia!?
Is there any advantages of enlarged labia??...

 Have they found a cure for AIDS in Europe?
One of my friends told me this weekend they found a cure for AIDS in Europe. Is this true? They also told me Magic Johnson went there and got the cure and it completely AIDS free. Is he playing a ...

 A potential partner "had" cervical HPV, should I be concerned? (I'm a straight male)?
I didn't want to ask too much about it right way, but I want to know how pertinent this is for me.

As I man, I have no cervix, so naturally I don't want to worry about getting ...

 I have the coldsore virus but not active can i spread it through my blood?
for example say you cut yourself but the coldsore wasnt active. But can it be spread through my blood if i was to touch the blood with my hand?...

 How do u get a yeast infection?
Okay so me and mi friend were wondering how would u get a yeast infection? and can u get them from guys? if so ...

 I have super shy bladder so if I cant pee in front of my probation officer can they just give me a blood test?
I mean what if I cant go at all?...

 Do you think STD's were created by the Devil!?
Just a random thought, but it seems that there is so much evil surrounding the whole idea of cheating on a wife/husband or just flat out being promiscuous. Do you think that STD's were created ...

 Is it normal to have a period 2 times per month with a person with herpes type 2 ?

 Doxycline without at P. for the Clap?
I have been seeing a guy for a couple months now, and I recently found out he cheated on me not long in. I broke up with him, but I found out a few days ago, he might have got chlamdia from the girl. ...

I was at the doctors today, i got the cream and some pills.
I also bought lidocaine ointment 5%
I need to go to the toilet, but am scared! My sores are really painful just now and am ...

 so do u think it could be a STD?

 heya everyone. plzzzzzzzzz help me out of this problem immediately.?
actually i have to make a project in hindi language. i have the hindi fonts. now please tell me how to convert the english information of project in hindi???

means main jo ...

 Whats my risk????????????
ok i was at wallmart felt i had a zit so i went in the mens bathroom to pop it it bled so i got a tissue that was hanging up front of the garbage can swabed it the noticed in the back was some with ...

What does this blood test mean?
A 64 year old female has
These are the factors which are high in her blood test, I know it's a kind of anemia, but what is her real problem, what is the cure?

I Watch Scrubs
You've managed to omit almost every piece of useful information from that CBC. It may be macrocytic... I can never remember the normal ranges. And regardless the result is useless without a clinical picture of what's going on and why it was drawn.

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