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 Could I get HIV/AIDS if..?
If someone with HIV/AIDS had a cut on their finger and made a pizza and blood from their cut got on an the pizza before if was put in the oven and I ate some of the pizza could I get HIV/AIDS? Would ...

 Is it okay to use hand santizer on your hoo-hoo after a hot date?

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You figure it would kill potential germs, no?...

 I gave a guy a bj the other night, what happens if I were to give a different guy a bj?
Are there any risks?
What might happen?
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If I were to give one to another guy within a few ...

 What does it mean to have a creamy discharge coming from the vigina? What could it be?

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 Does smoking alot of weed can cause having AIDS or HIV?
Im just wondering because my friend smokes ...

 How can I tell my b/f that I got an STD?
I'm currently a junior at UW-Madison and I spent my new year's eve celebrating with my friends at the bars. My boyfriend since high school went back to his home town with his family so I ...

 what if there's a blood infected with aids.. and someone urinated on the blood. will the person be infected?
please answer ...

 how do you know that you have deffinately caught herpes?

 is it signs of HIV? do i hav HIV?? im soo scared?
well my boyfriend always have coldsore when i kissed him every time i couldn't understand why he had it cos i kissed all of my ex, they dont have it tho..
we had STD about 3 months ago its ...

 problem after getting fingered ? help !?
okay i have two questions huuur . i got fingered last night by some kid , that i just met :/ , but whatever i was drunk and it wasnt really a big deal but Any ways now i have a problem . when i woke ...

 How much does the HPV shot hurt?
I want to get the HPV shot really bad, but I heard that some people faint from it! So I'm really scared. How much does it hurt? should I get it?

btw I'm 13...

 Should I have the "herpes" talk....?
After a few years of being depressed over contracting herpes, I would like to start dating again. I have meet a guy, who I would like to date, but I have a feeling he would take the news badly. I ...

 I kissed a girl with herpes do i have it?
i just got back from a girl and my mate has just told me she has just got off her tables for herpes? do u think i will have it?? and what do u think i sod do?? please ...

 One of the fastest-growing groups acquiring HIV/AIDS is adolescents? ?
. How can parents, teachers, and the media get the message of the danger of this disease out to this particular age group?...

 do i have oral herpes? please please help!?
so, about two and half weeks ago, i kissed this guy, and it was just a peck, not like swapping spit. well i went camping with my parents the other day, and after i went swimming in the lake, my ...

 What is a yeast infection ?

 is there a safe way to sleep with someone with aids?

 Which type of doctor do I go to if I think I have chlamydia? Gynecologist or regular doctor?
I thought it was just a yeast infection, cause I've had them in the past, but after using monistat, it didn't go away. I have no insurance and was gonna go to a lab and have a whole std ...

 can u get pregnant from masterbating?
from masterbating i used a a comb and tooth brush and a curling iron and a knive like what u cut meat with a mascara and a foot scrub im young and i dont want to get pregnant plz ...

 I'm sacred that my sprem will all be precum. How can I form a babby with it?

My boyfriend wants to eat me out, can he get something like a disease from me?
My boyfriend and I are both virgins. I know he is and he knows I am. Anyways, one day I brought up the idea of me blowing him, and he brought up the idea of him eating me. (He's already fingered me.) He said he wanted to eat me, but then he all of a sudden changed his mind and said he didn't know if he'd catch anything or something like that. I told him I didn't have any STDs because I was a virgin and he knows that. But then I started thinking, can he actually get something?

also, how can I keep myself from smelling down there?

Lady K
If you are a virgin...you do not stink. Just wash as you normally would. He can not get a disease that is not there.

an std isn't going to magically appear.

Javi amore
shower regularlly, eat more fruit!!! you will taste sweeter, if you werent virgin, yes he could give you something and you could give something to him. Wipe front to back!!! relax stress can actually change things down there

Yeah you're fine, there is no way for him to get an std from that. Take a shower before hand, other then that guys just kinda have to deal.

He can't get a disease if you don't have a disease. Use a flavored body powder (I use Urban Decay) to your lickables if you are concerned about taste/smell.

1) You cannot give someone a disease if you don't have a disease

2) There is a certain natural odor that females have that is quite normal and shouldn't be altered too much

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