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 how long can a person go with gonorrhea without being treated?

 Should states enact laws that would require girls to be vaccinated against Human Papillomavirus (HPV)? ?
Should states enact laws that would require girls to be vaccinated against Human Papillomavirus (HPV)?

 std's and clean people?
if both partners are clean of any std or anything like that...there is no way of getting anything right?...

 Do you think those who spread HIV/AIDS purposely deserve death or life in prison?

 what are some social effects of Gonorrhea?

Additional Details
ew its not me, i have to do an assignment on ...

 People who've had Chlamydia please Look!!!?
I have chlamydia, I know because my boyfriend Has it and I have been sleeping with him for months. I was wondering what the prescription was for your cure. I have heard of lots of different dosages ...

 What protection against STDs should I use if I have a latex allergy?

Additional Details
sheep skin only protects against unplanned pregnancy be does not protect against STD's. It says so on the package....

 Is It possible?
If your infected with HIV and the Dr. gives you blood work will that show up in the results. What are the symthoms of HIV?...

 what size should a song be for it not to be infected?
i have frostwire and i have it on a mac.. what should i look out for.. like what size are the infected files so i can avoid them.please help....

 In one sentence (or two): What does the HIV virus do?
I read that it uses our DNA to code its RNA and then makes new DNA and then the virus goes to live in white blood cells...

I can't really understand what it does. Please do help ! :)<...

 can you get aids if you kiss a girl with aids?

 is it possible to not break your hymen when fingering?
is it safe to finger without breaking hymen? still virgin
Additional Details
so, this means, i will know that the hymen will be broken if its bleeding, right?...

 Shouldn't herpes be called the touching disease?
You catch herpes through touching.It doesn't matter where you touch as long as it's where the virus is....

 i'm trying to prepare a persasive speech on birth control. How can i catch the audiences attention?

 just found out im pregnant and i had chlamydia and im 6 weeks?
hi everyone im a bit upset that i am feeling low and not sure what to do.
i found out im 6 weeks pregnant and i have chlamydia not sure for how long but i know that my X PARTNER NOW gave it to ...

 I HAVE TO PEE!!!!! Help me!! Please!!! IM BEGGING YOU!?
Okay, so my friend dared me to not go to the bathroom for like 3 hours and I drank a huge glass of water before so what do I do? Oh, and I can pee at 3:20 to be excact (its a sleepover so dont think ...

 what is the perfect present for my best friend?
we are both girls. she is going to be 21....

 Why are Hiv/Aids Victims treated so differently?
I know that this is a serious disease and no one wants it, but before you judge them ,think about if you had it and what would you do and how would you feel!
im not saying everyone judges them ...

 how can i help ourself from CHIKUNGUNIYA fever?

 what does ‘got the clap’ mean?
Its in this book called 'Deadly Unna'!...

If you touch a girls private area and then touch yourself, can that transfer a std?

yes easily this is common

Beverly H
technically, it's possible, but it depends on which STD, if she has one, etc. It's definitely not likely.

James H
Sure you can. If the girl has an std and you touch your self and you have any kind of open sore or put your fingers in your mouth or your eyes or anything of that nature you could transmit it to yourself. Good Luck!!!!!

only if she has an std to give.

i think you should go and get tested and the girl too.

yes you can transfer an std that way.. its the same as you rubbing your private part on her... you would get the std that way...

Leona W
If either partner is infected YES.
So can lots of other ways!!
Educate yourself before more
encounters...It is the smart and
responsible thing to do!!

If its AIDS/HIV, there is NO WAY you can transfer it through touching eachother, only through blood. But crabbes and other minor std are a SLIGHT possibility of transferring. Don't worry too much.

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