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Catherine M
I shared a water bottle with a friend who I think may have oral herpes, but I'm not sure, could I get it too?

Additional Details
Okay, I found out AFTER i shared the bottle, and she might not even have it! I'm just wondering if it's a possibility...from what I've seen of her, there are no open sores or anything like that, but her lips are dry, chapped, and red; there are also some faint blisters.

daniel m
no, not even a slight chance, dont listen to anyone who says otherwise, they can only be contracted by skin to skin contact, dont worry about it!

oh, and for all the idiots who answered this, oral herpes is completly different to ant other types of herpes, you obviously dont know wht your talkin out (sorry if i sound rude or whatever but you shouldnt give advise like that if you dont know what you are talkin bout!)

and what the hell is that nurse talkin bout i know it might seem like i dont know what im talkin bout cause im up against a nurse but i have done extensive research and you can only catch it with SKIN TO SKIN contact!

Angelacia baybeeeeee
yess ew take pills FAST dude,, why take that chance?

If you are worried, you need to make an appt. to see your physician.

i got it i just figured out today i got it all over my lips it hurts i shouldnt kiss anymore

Get to the doctor and see if you have it now. If he didn't have an outbreak at the time it might not have any problems. NEVER SHARE FOOD WITH A PERSON WITH AN S.T.D!!!!! That can be the worst way to get it.

most probably.

yes. that happened to someone i know.........

there is a possiblity that you too may have the oral herpes now. but the only way that could be possible, is if your friend had a cold sore that you could see on their mouth. you can only get it when someone has an outbreak. if they weren't having an outbreak, you should be fine. otherwise, you probably do have it. just be more careful and even if they are your friends, take a closer look! you don't want to have to worry about it for the rest of your life! good luck, and i hope you don't have it!!!!


if your friend is positive... yes, there is a possibility.

yeah id call a doc if I were you, I dont think herpes goes away it think it just goes dormant.

It is possible but before you start to worry, find out if your friend actually has herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1).

Question: Did you think your friend may have herpes BEFORE you shared the bottle or AFTER?

YES!!! Never drink after anyone.

*Fickle Pickle*
Yes - Go to the doctor & explain the situation.

pla$tiq fa$h!0n

i have herpes...

i asked my OBGYN about those possibilites when i was diagnosed!

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