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 Possibility of STD's?
Me & my partner have both been tested & we both don't have any kind of STD's
is it still dangerous to have unprotected oral?...

 Is it possible to get an STD from borrowing someones' underwear?
My boyfriend claims it is....!...

 My friend alan has herpes but he does'nt want me to tell anyone?
He is afraid to tell the doctor because he will get laughed at and he does'nt want his mom to know he's not a virgin he also is'nt aware i just told everyone he has it so he prob. won&#...

 I'm scared to know the truth...?
I've never had an STD before but I recently had a one night stand with a guy. Ever since then I've kind of had a burning, itching feeling along with heavy discharge. Any ideas on what it ...

 Have I had herpes for months and didn't know?
ok so heres the story. My girlfriend and I have been going since december. On my break we ****** a couple times with condoms of course. Well i have been away since than and yesterday she calls me and ...

 Would the doctors call right away if somethin was wrong?
I got blood work done on Monday for all viral STDs.
They said I should have the results in by Wednesday.
It is now Thursday.
When they get the results in ...

 I have 2 coldsores in my mouth, & i was gonna give my boyfriend head. could I get an std. ?
the cuts are from a couple days ago tho....

 is it really true lil wayne have AIDS?

 kissed girl on her neck and behind ear ........?
then my lip is super itchy and inflamed the next day,and the day after that the inside of my mouth is all painful and inflamed,like little bumps all over the inside of my mouth and I bit the skin off ...

 How do you get rid of herpes?
My friend wants to ...

 how can you know that you have HIV/AIDS.?

 Could my dad get aids....?
My dad recently saw this guard getting beat up by these 3 russian looking guys. he helped the guard, getting him into the fight. from his description, these guys were the typical dirty looking ...

 why do people have HIV and they don't tell their partners?

 How can Magic Johsnson NOT have HIV?
It's my understanding that Magic no longer has HIV. How can this be? If this is true, why aren't doctors all over him finding out why?...

 can i have herpes?
Can i still have herpes if i test negative when i took a blood test. The doctor thinks its too soon. Can anybody help me. My boyfriend does not have it....

 How can I help him, he's being stubern?
I have a friend who I've known since we were in nursery and we've trusted each other completely since, recently he told me that its been painful when he urinates. He said it is like p***ing ...

 i just had a baby a month ago i'm not bleeding but this light brown fluid is coming from my vigina what is it

 What is thrush????????????????????????????
An answer to one of my questions was that my problem may be thrush.
What is thrush? and how do you get it? What are the symptoms?

 Herpes: Curse from the underworld or the gift that keeps giving?

Additional Details
I do not have herpes. Unless you count that horrid sore I get around my nose when I get extremely ill....

 Do you think if people can catch HIV/AIDS by their saliva?
I am doing a report to see if people can catch AIDS from saliva. If you know something I would truly appreciated. I am just a little curious about it because, I know they say you can't get HIV/AI...

Johnny b
I Want To Be Castrated! How Can I Get It Done??
I Want To Be Castrated! How Can I Get It Done??

Plz, Im not looking for moral advice. I just want to know if I can get it done anywhere.


Bob B

Can't believe you're serious..........there is no place you can get it done legally. Why would you even think about it?

get laid first

Not in any civilized nation; no doctor with any ethics at all will do that.

Seriously, you need a therapist, not a surgeon. That is NOT normal.

Sidney S
Ms. Le'Kia is exactly right

Dr kimmel is the only urologist that is out in the open kinda ...that does orchiectomy.

i dont know where you are at there was a doctor in portland oregon that did orchiectomy for about 15 years ..he retired 2 years ago.
I have been castrated 15 years now...it is quite painless..and made my life a whole lot better....you will want hrt if you have it done ..so think about that.

a male can have temporary chemical castration by taking the depo-provera injection. it is reversable and can last as long as needed. if you can get a psychiatrist or psychologist to say in writing that it would be the right choice for you, almost any doctor can do it.

I think you need to seek professional advice!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crouching Monkey Hidden Hippo
pis* off the right woman and im sure she'll be happy to oblige you

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