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Just Another One
My moms blood sugar is 280?
My moms blood Sugar is 280?
She is diabetic and has COPD. She took some presednisone to open up my lungs. When it gets that high what should I do? Is there any way to lower it? Thanks, if you post a question I will add details to answer to update the info!
Additional Details
My mom is not insulin dependent.

Call an ambulance. Anything over 100 is high. She needs an insulin shot to lower her blood sugar. Blood sugar that high can send her into a coma and is potentially deadly. Get her to the hospital.

Claire L
thatss not a very healthy b.s

Mama Mia
Prednisone can raise the blood sugar in diabetic patients. If she is not on insulin at this point then she needs to be re-evaluated. Diabetes is a progressive disease and people who are type II often need to begin insulin injections after several years of being well controlled on pills alone. If her blood sugar is 280 then she needs to be calling her physician because she needs insulin supplementation. Her doctor may need to take her off the prednisone but that is a medication that needs to be tapered off of gradually and under the supervision of a doctor. You need to let the doctor know however because high blood sugars can result in stroke and heart attack if not controlled.

Typically, when I find my blood sugar going high (anything over 160 is considered high), I do my daily exercise routine, and it drops my blood sugar levels like a rock. I'd suggest starting with that. If it still hasn't come down at least somewhat after that, it's time to go to the hospital (my doctor said to go to the emergency room if it gets over 200).

280 is not good, but it is not "rush to the hospital" bad either. If it stays up there for a really long time, then that is bad. How long has it been this high? an hour? A day?

If it stays up there for most of a day without coming down, then call the doctor, and ask what you can do. If it is not up in the 400's, my guess is they will just have her come in for an appointment, not send her to the hospital

Steroid medication raises blood sugars, so that could definitely be the problem. If she takes the steroid regularly, then she should definitely let her doctor know that it is having a bad effect on her blood sugar. she may need to take insulin while taking the steriods, and then stop when the steroid treatments stop. Or up the dose on oral diabetes medicines.

Don't panic, though, there is no need. Just let her regular Dr. know as soon as you can....in fact I'm suprised they didn't warn you this could happen on those medicines!

Actually, it being friday afternoon, call now, so you don't have to wait till monday to make an appointment, if for nothing other than your piece of mind.

alfreida h
normal blood sugar is between 75-120, and presednison will bring her sugar level up. I am a diabetic and also have COPD, I know that presednison is a great drug, does just what it suppose to do, but there are awful side effects! maybe the doctor can give her something to help her get some control over this.

German Shepard
Presednisone is a steroid that will cause elevated blood glucose levels. 280 is high, not high enough for an ER visit but high enough to be concerned and high enough to call her doctor. If she is on the steroids long term she should ask for a long acting basal insulin to counteract the steroid.

karen h
She should be on medication and watch her diet all the time and eat low carbohydrate foods.

Miz Lamb
She should be on insulins! I am! I have diabetes type 2 on insulins and oral meds along with diet and exercise regimen that you would have a hard time coping with. I also have COPD and take corticosteroids in the form of Advair and Combivent daily.

The prednisone and the Advair both make the glucose go way up.

To cope with the increase in the glucose levels I have to do some fancy dancing with the insulins and foods some days.

today is one of those: fasting 289, coffee and Lantus, and 1 hr later 20!!! bowl of sugar, and regular breakfast and 1 hr later 79, 1 hour after that 297, 4 units humalog and back to 150! I really hate roller coaster days!

Talk to your mom's doctor and see what that person wants done to combat the roller coasters. I keep my doctor's office on speed dial and have used it several times this morning.

280 is high for a sugar level. You did not state whether she is insulin dependent or not. Take her to an endocrinologist and get a viable medical opinion.

you really need to talk to a doctor. is she on any medicine for the diabetes? if not she needs to be.

p.s. mom2babycolin is stupid

lol mom2baby this is hardly an emergency. i was walking around fine with sugars in the quadruple digits when i was diagnosed (over 1000). 280 is not going to kill her. if we all died from blood sugars of 280, none of us would still be alive. do some research.

question asker: the only thing you can do right now is talk to her doctor. the prednisone is most likely the cause of the exacerbation. she may need to start insulin while she's on the steroid treatment and choose healthier foods.

I think that your mom is the one who took the prednisone, right? Corticosteroids like prednisone can cause some odd side effects, especially in diabetics. The only way to lower blood sugar in diabetics is through measured shots of insulin; since you don't seem familiar with this, perhaps she is not on it yet?
Please, please get her to a doctor! Blood glucose (sugar) levels that remain high like this can cause lots of organ damage over the long-term.
It really sounds like she needs to be on insulin to control her blood sugar--I'm sorry.

Ms. T
There are many things that can help your mom.

Some of these things she can do herself.

Exercise, understanding and watching what she eats, medication, and natural supplements are some very good places to start.

I have found a website that explains much of this in detail so you can begin making some educated decisions about how to take better care of her health.

Good luck to you and your mom.

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