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 Do I have HIV/AIDS? Im 13..Please help!?
Ok, well hi, I'm 13 almost 14 and a girl, I am wondering whether i have contracted HIV/AIDS today.

Before you make perverted assumptions, well don't listen please.

Ok, ...

The More I learn The More I'm Uneducated
How long can an AIDS (HIV +ve) person can survive?
if he/ she maintains correct diet and exercises.

Pagan Dan
There is some evidence that HIV disease (while not curable) is manageable. The belief is that it may be possible to live a normal life span. Many people have had an unhealthy lifestyle, and HIV disease has forced them to pay attention to adequate nutrition and rest, laying off the booze and dope, and stopping smoking. An actual cure is as elusive as ever.

Depends on their immune system

everyone's body and immune system is different so I don't know if a time frame can really be put on it...the key factor is keeping a healthy immume system (remember you don't die of "AIDS" you die of the secondary infections like pneumonia etc because your immune system is compromised and can't fight off the infection)

20 years

13 years for having AIDS. HIV can be postponed by pills during viral infection. (I think, I kind of forgot sorry.)

quite a while. over 10 years. maybe longer

tony a
i think like 50 years if ur realy healthy

depends how well they take care of themselves. even though they know they got aids they should still try and take care of there bodies. if they do that well they may live 15-20 years maybe more

A lonnnggg time, like full life length. If they take their medication as well as diet and exercise.

as long as krsna wants him back

person with AIDS can survive for years as long as they continue their medications and most of all they should be free from complications.

Few people survive five years from the time they are diagnosed with AIDS, although this is increasing with improvements in treatment techniques.

as long as anyone esle. They can even die of old age and not aids/hiv related complications. If they do everything right and keep up on meds.

A long time. The syndrome hasn't been around long enough to say definitively, but with the proper care, people are living longer and longer. The key is working with your health care providers as early as possible, and taking good care of yourself with correct diet and exercise like you mentioned.
AIDS is no longer a death sentence, but a disease process that can be effectively managed.
Good luck

ʍ○○η ṡнιиє
They can live a life as long as they would have normally.

J. Shree Radha
They should take coconut oil. I know many who have lived for years by using some special treatment that raises their immune system. If they become abstinent and lead a whole some life and give up their illicit habits and give their life to God. They could live a long life (God willing) Though many may not have contracted HIV from illicit contact it is some kind of karma (from this life or another) and can be nullified or at least symptoms lessened by spiritual practices and the above mentioned.

With proper medication and good food, the patient ca live longer. I have a patient with me. Doctors had given him two months and it is three years now, he is still alive.

Samantha W
It all really depends on how soon you began treatment.

They can for years. I know people who have been living with it for over 5 years.

For a long time. (I think Magic Johnson was first diagnosed with having the virus back in the early 90's).

You asked a very brief question and I don't won't to allow for any confusion here. You mentioned diet and exercise which I am sure is very important.

The number one thing is the anit-viral medications. I'm not an expert on AIDS or a doctor. But from what I read in the popular press, the anti-viral medications are mainly what supresses the disease.

They can live for a very very long time with the virus. However, remember that they hardly die of AIDS, but they die due to infections/illnesses they get due to their weakened immune system.

The Token Emo Kid
it depends if it is HIV or full blown AIDS if it's AIDS then there done for but if it HIV they can keep it under conrtroll for decades

Very confused
look up magic johnson. he got it in 91 and is still alive

Indefinately (until everyone who has ever contracted HIV dies from it, we cannot conclude that it's always fatal).

vadde s
a person cannot be declared to have AIDS until his CD4 count goes below 200.if his CD4 count is above 200 he is just said be HIV +, not AIDS complex.CD4 count is the direct mirror of his/her immune power, the lower the count, the higher the chances of secondary infections, vice versa higher the count , the better.Remember a person never succumbs to AIDS, he succumbs to the secondary infections, caused due to low immune power, which is weakened drastically by HIV .

~~*Paradise Dreams*~~
It depends, some can die in a few years, and some of them can live for 10+ years, it just depends on how aggressive the diease is. Some people never develop AIDS, they just have HIV.

This is probably the first time I am coming across this type of question about survival of anyone who is diagnosed HIV-positive and the honest answer is that, because there are so many variables, it can be very difficult to predict.

The first thing to make clear is that the general prognosis has imporved dramatically since the first AIDS cases were diagnosed in the early 1980s, when most patients would die within a few months; but this it is very often that image of how it was in the 1980s that lingers on in peoples perceptions of what being HIV-positive means.

Two important advances have changed the outlook:

1. The discovery that AIDS was caused by HIV (along with the knowledge that it generally takes very many years for HIV to devlop into AIDS and understaning of how to treat the individual AIDS-defining illnesses).
2. The development and introduction HAART (highly active antiretroviral therapy).

Today the situation is that, provided the infected person receives effective anti-HIV treatment before the immune system has been severely damaged - and that a person takes their drugs properly - then they could live a more or less normal life span, in more or less good health.

Research into the prognosis of people starting treatment for the first time (which can be many years after diagnosis) indicates that the risk of becoming very ill or dying because of HIV within the next three years is linked to five key factors:

* having a CD4 count below 200
* having a viral load above 100,000 at the time of starting treatment
* being aged over 50
* being an injecting drug user
* having had a prior AIDS-defining illness

It is for this reason that those approaching 50 will generally be advised to consider an earlier start to treatment than would normally be the case.

It is however important to note that, even with the best available medical care, effective treatment involves more that just taking a few pills every day .. it involves new routines / habits, a great deal of commonsense and some major lifestyle adjustments. It is not an easy option and it is not a cause for any complacency in taking precations to avoid getting infected.

The prognosis for people with little or no access to specialist HIV services or health care is much less optimistic, with HIV usually causing illness and death within five to ten years. However, even where the relatively costly HIV drugs are not available, the use of cheaper treatments for infections such as TB and PCP can considerably improve life expectancy and quality of life. -

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